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Viper -M1-
Reviewer: Rowena Lim Lei 09/02/2002

Viper M1 is a collection of three fully animated and interactive tales to tickle your fancy:
  • "Green Boy" - One of three sisters is given a mysterious seed that grows into a handsome young boy...
  • "The May Works" - Two aliens fight to possess a teenage girl named Maki.
  • "My Mothers" - Mika is a girl who just wants a date with her oniichan -- and she's going to get it even if it means using the powersuit her grandpa developed to punch some baddies' lights out.
I must say I was pleasantly surprised by Viper M1. I was half-expecting it to be another one of those click-and-click games wherein you're forced to follow a linear plot with tons of dialogue, but Viper M1 is different. It truly is interactive; as it really lets you grab the helm and decide what happens next in the story.
Three short stories make up Viper M1. The first is "Green Boy", which is about three sisters running a flower shop. You play Natane, the youngest sister. Depending on the choices you make, either you or one of your older sisters will be given a mystery seed that grows into a green-haired boy. Needless to say, the boy's fate is in your hands. The second is "The May Works". You play Maki, a carefree schoolgirl who encounters two strange-looking aliens. Now the aliens are in a contest to see who can get to do it with Maki first. What ensues is a chase sequence where you actually control where Maki runs to with the arrow keys... and where you go determines the kind of ending you get. The last of the three is "My Mothers", a hentai parody of sorts for the magical girl genre. You play Mika, a teenage girl who looks like a tall, pink-haired version ofCardcaptor Sakura . You go to the park for your date with oniichan, only to find him captured by a dominatrix who is out to collect handsome guys. Luckily, your grandpa has devised a powersuit that you can use to rescue oniichan. As is the case with the previous two stories, whether or not you save oniichan will depend on your decisions.
Each story is very brief, lasting about 10 minutes or less... depending on how it ends. That's a good thing though because there's no chance you'll get bored, and the brevity contributes to the light and somewhat humorous storytelling. You know you got the best ending when you see the credits roll and not just "Game Over" plainly written on the bottom of the screen. The scenes are animated for most part, and the original Japanese voices have been retained. The whole gaming experience can be likened to playing a role in an interactive hentai anime, something which I found quite novel and amusing.
The artwork is beautiful. The character designs are very clean and distinct with anatomical proportions done just right. Sex is depicted rather vividly, but the lower genital areas are either blocked from view or mosaic'd. I didn't find that bit of censorship particularly disturbing though, and I enjoyed playing through Viper M1 all the same.
If Viper M1 is any indication of how the rest of the Viper games are, then I can't wait to play the others!
The game can be installed / played in Japanese, English, or Italian.

Viper -M1-
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Review Title:
Viper -M1-
Alternative Titles:
VM1, Green Boy, The May Works, My Mothers
Approximate Length:
1 Hour
Suitable For:
Adults Only
General Rating:
4.5 out of 5 stars
Hentai Rating:
4.5 out of 5 stars
Bondage, Monsters, Yuri
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