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Viper -16-
Reviewer: Rowena Lim Lei 09/25/2002

Viper V16 features two interactive and erotic tales:
  • "Rise" - Three busty waitresses find themselves in a fix when they are captured by a race of men who reside underground. These underground men want to use the women's bodies as breeding vessels so that their race won't die out!
  • "Imagine" - You are a student in a specializing school where three girls currently strike your fancy: Takako, the aspiring singer whom you've always considered as one of the guys; Haruka, the cute girl who dreams of becoming a successful actress someday; and the shy and reserved Nami, who wants to work behind the scenes and become a seiyuu / voice actress. Which girl will you end up with? You have to choose wisely or end up all alone...
After my pleasant experience with Viper M1, I was really looking forward to the prospect of playing Viper V16.
Viper V16 is much like Viper M1. You, the player, remains in control of the story and the choices you make determines how it all goes. However, I wasn't as awed by Viper V16 as I was by Viper M1. I believe it's because the novelty of animated scenes has somewhat worn off, and I felt that Viper V16 wasn't much different from other choose-your-own-adventure type of bishoujo games.
Two short stories make up Viper V16. The first is "Rise", which is about three voluptuous waitresses (namely Akira, Saki, and Karin) who are captured by some men who live underground. You play the feisty Akira, and your goal is to escape from the men and not become the breeding vessels that they want you to be. "Rise" includes a number of fighting sequences where you're supposed to choose the right sequence of moves to win, and I thought that was its most challenging aspect. The second story is "Imagine". You play a guy who has a chance to snag one of three cute girls to be your girlfriend. "Imagine" is pretty much like the usual girl-chasing scenario presented in games like "Tokimeki Check-in!" and "Season of the Sakura", only it is significantly shorter in terms of game length.
Both stories are rather short, even if they do span two CDs. "Rise" benefits from full-scale voice acting, meaning all the characters (including the men) have voices, albeit the illustration style is not very refined (see first two screenshots). Viper M1's character designs and background renditions actually look a lot better than those you'd find in "Rise". "Imagine" is much better in terms of artwork. All the girls are very attractive (see title graphic and last two screenshots), and they also have cute voices to match. Sex is portrayed graphically for both stories, featuring animated pumping scenes and lots of moaning... but there are either unsightly mosaics or a bright white light on the lower genital areas which kind of ruined the H scenes for me. A replay mode is also provided for both stories, allowing you to access the ever crucial sex scenes anytime you want to review what you've already accomplished.
Viper V16 is short and sweet. It doesn't break any new ground but it's fun nonetheless. Perfect for those who lack the patience for more complex and dialogue-ridden bishoujo games.
The game can be installed / played in Japanese, English, Italian, German, and Spanish.

Viper -16-
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Viper -16-
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1 Hour
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Adults Only
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4 out of 5 stars
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4 out of 5 stars
School, Monsters, Yuri
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