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Tsuki: Possession
Reviewer: Rowena Lim Lei 09/17/2003

You are Yosuke, a seemingly normal high school student. Both of your parents have already passed away but you've been fortunate enough to have kind and loving people to take care of you. There's your beautiful stepmother Shizuka; your concerned stepsister Ryoko; your gentle teacher Keiko; your childhood friend Takami; and the pretty owner of the cafe you do part-time work at, Mitsuki. Lately though you feel something dark and evil stirring deep within your soul... and it's telling you to destroy the people who care the most about you. And you can't help but give into it...

Tsuki is by far the darkest bishoujo game I've played, since it lets you assume the role of a depraved young man who either suffers from schizophrenia or is really demon-possessed. Suddenly, every female you're acquainted with is a target for your most vicious desires and fantasies -- you just have to choose which one. Much like G-Collections' Sensei 2, you just can't be a good boy no matter how hard you try.

It's never really explained where Yosuke's inner darkness comes from. He just wakes up one day with a voice in his head ordering him to go forth and wreak havoc in some innocent female's life. As Yosuke, you do just that -- stalk potential targets, execute your strategy, and then go about training the victim to become a mindless sex slave. There are five girls to get your hands on, and each one has a corresponding good and bad ending. Tsuki's outrightly negative theme and peculiar plot aside, I actually liked the snappy game play. The story is paced well with dialogues and story branches that go straight to the point. Since this is mainly a rape-fantasy game, the decisions you make all lead to perverse sexual acts. The subtle differences between these choices actually determine which ending you're going to get, making Tsuki a rather challenging game to complete.

Tsuki's artwork is top-notch. Character designs are attractive, backgrounds are nicely detailed, and some of the sex scenes are animated. Nudity and sex are depicted very graphically, even if there are a few scenes (and I do mean really few) with mosaics. Tsuki has almost every kinky activity imaginable -- from bondage to enemas to sex toys and gang bangs. It's rape and yet not totally rape because your character makes it a point to have the ladies fall in love with him first for most part before trying to pull off his stunts.

While Tsuki's overall theme may not be to my liking, I still found it to be an above average game. Production details like visuals, game interface, and voice acting were all exceptionally done. Just make sure you can handle this kind of debauchery before you get it, should you consider doing so. And remember... it's just a game.

Game extras include CG galleries, story flashback sequences, and a music collection.

Tsuki: Possession
Tsuki: Possession
Tsuki: Possession
Tsuki: Possession
Tsuki: Possession
Tsuki: Possession
Tsuki: Possession
Tsuki: Possession
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Review Title:
Tsuki: Possession
Approximate Length:
10-30 Hours
Suitable For:
Adults Only
General Rating:
3 out of 5 stars
Hentai Rating:
3 out of 5 stars
School, Bondage, Gangbang,
Rape, Toys
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