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Three Sisters Story
Reviewer: Rowena Lim Lei 07/02/2001

You are Koichi. Your father committed suicide when you were a child. He was the president of a big company, but due to some financial problems, he threw himself in front of an oncoming train and was killed. Your mother tried to lead the family and somehow pay off your father's debts, but she couldn't manage and died a year later. You and your older brother Eiichi were separated, passed around different relatives. You are a young man now; you get a call from Eiichi out of the blue. He tells you that he has found out who was responsible for destroying your family... a man by the name of Shoji Okamura. Eiichi wants revenge, and you eagerly agree to help him. Thus, Eiichi puts you up in a nice place beside the Okamura house. You befriend the whole Okamura family -- composed of Shoji and his three beautiful daughters Yuki, Emi, and Risa. The problem is, you've fallen in love with Emi... so what will it be? Will you betray your family for the sake of the girl you love?

Boasting of an intricate plot and distinctive characters, Three Sisters Story is a cult classic among bishoujo game fans. It is widely considered as the title that launched the genre in the English-speaking market. Online shops are always describing it as "the game that started it all". Three Sisters Story is very popular, and it would seem that majority of avid b-gamers have already played it.

I first played Three Sisters Story back in early 2000. It was the second b-game I've played, with "Nocturnal Illusion" being the first. I remember having trouble finishing Three Sisters Story back then. Anyhow, my memory of the experience has gotten pretty faint and so I re-played it once more for this review.

Three Sisters Story is admittedly a challenging title. Getting the best ending would definitely require some brain activity on the player's part. The things you do in the game determine how your story concludes. If you sleep around without protection, you can expect trouble from some very pregnant girls... or if you screw all three Okamura sisters, the one you love won't accept you. You really have to think before you do something (or just keep several saved game files!). It will take some skill and planning to see all the sex scenes and still get the good ending though. Failing to uncover some subplots will cause you to miss some of the steamy action. The final part of the game is tricky, but manageable. Making the wrong decisions simply meant game over.

The artwork is excellent. The sexual content is also very graphic, although the male member is rendered invisibly in a few scenes (and I do mean very few). I found Koichi's monologues about the situation much too long-winded and repetitious though, and at times I just wished there was no "think" option. Three Sisters Story is overall a good game with some replay value, as I doubt you can manage to get all the sex scenes and subplots in one go without cheating.

The Jast USA Memorial Collection Game Set contains three games -- "Three Sisters Story", "Season of the Sakura", and "Runaway City" -- all in one CD!

Three Sisters Story
Three Sisters Story
Three Sisters Story
Three Sisters Story
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Review Title:
Three Sisters Story
Alternative Titles:
3 Sisters' Story, San Shimai
Approximate Length:
10-30 Hours
Suitable For:
Adults Only
General Rating:
4 out of 5 stars
Hentai Rating:
4 out of 5 stars
Drama, School, Bondage,
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