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The Depths of the Dungeon
Reviewer: Aaron Murphy 03/31/2010

The Depths of the Dungeon is a rather simple hentai game where you assume the role of a nameless half elf girl who’s making her way through a treacherous dungeon filled with all sorts of lecherous monsters. Each new area brings with it a new creature that will capture you in your tracks and commence with an all out sexual assault. From pesky wolfs and tentacle equipped beasties to evil pig humanoids and an enormous dragon, they’re all itching to get a piece of your supple body. And since that’s about the only thing you can do with your little half elf girl, here’s hoping you enjoy seeing her being violated in just about every way imaginable!
With no plot to speak of there’s no overarching goal for your oversexed half elf girl, it’s just her going from one dungeon location to another and getting sexed up like crazy. As you proceed from one location to another you’re treated to an animated scene involving her with a new creature/monster, allowing you to move through different positions as you modify whether she’s wearing any clothes or not and if you want to see the cross section/x-ray view. This gives The Depths of the Dungeon some diversity with each new scene, as you’re able to modify your own viewing preferences into the experience. Of course, the basic scenes are pretty much set in stone, but they’re all quite well done with some great hentai scenes. Heck, with all the perverse things being done to her you’d almost feel bad if she didn’t seem to enjoy it so much!
The key here is that, as long as you’re in it for the sex, The Depths of the Dungeon will not disappoint. It’s a huge bonus that all the scenes are animated, but it’s the acts within that really make it shine. You have beasts and monsters going at her, typically in groups, with internal views and huge cumshots both inside and out. It’s a panacea of sexual wonder, and I for one thoroughly enjoyed myself, especially when I got to the dragon. He doesn’t hold back in the least as you see her stomach bulge with every thrust. It’s the highlight of the release, and the great artwork, voices and smooth animation only serve to enhance the experience. 
It’s true that there’s not even a hint of a story here, but when you have sex scenes this enjoyable it’s not a big loss. The Depths of the Dungeon is a great little “game” and I would recommend anyone who enjoys the more extreme side of things give it a try, immediately.
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The Depths of the Dungeon
The Depths of the Dungeon
The Depths of the Dungeon
The Depths of the Dungeon
The Depths of the Dungeon
The Depths of the Dungeon
The Depths of the Dungeon
The Depths of the Dungeon
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Review Title:
The Depths of the Dungeon
Approximate Length:
1 Hour
Suitable For:
Adults Only
General Rating:
0 out of 5 stars
Hentai Rating:
4.5 out of 5 stars
Beasts, Excessive Fluids, Gangbang,
Large Insertion, Monsters, Rape,
Tentacles, X-Ray
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