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Slave Pageant
Reviewer: Rowena Lim Lei 08/31/2004

You are a high school student named Yujiro. However, you are also widely known as "Mad Dog Mido" thanks to your unrivaled karate skills. You've never lost a fight and your reputation precedes you. Your school holds a beauty pageant called "Ms. Twilight" every year, and the most beautiful female students are rounded up as candidates to be voted on by the student body. One day, you find out the real purpose of the Ms. Twilight competition. All the candidates are actually raped and blackmailed by the student council members so that they would submit to stringent sexual training. Whoever is crowned Ms. Twilight then becomes the official school prostitute, pimped and peddled to numerous men of wealth. Ms. Twilight, the school, and the student council are then paid handsome amounts of money for the services rendered. At first the idea seems preposterous to you, but then you quickly realize the merits and beat up the student council officers into bowing out. Now the Ms. Twilight pageant and the prospective contestants are in your hands...

Playing through the first few sequences of Slave Pageant, I couldn't help but think that hooo boy... looks like we're getting more twisted and abusive themes from G-Collections again. If it's not brainless fluff (like Horny Bunnies and Come See Me Tonight for instance), it's something like this.

While Slave Pageant's plot may seem altogether deplorable, it's not nearly as dark as G-Collections' Sensei 2, Tsuki, or Virgin Roster. For one thing, your character Yujiro isn't maniacal, evil, or insane. He has some brief power-tripping tendencies at first, but as the game progresses he grows to care more for the girls rather than the pageant and the benefits. You have no choice but to de-virginize all the candidates before being given the chance to focus on one girl though, and that we'll have to chalk up to providing cherry-popping fan service to those who want it. There are four girls to choose from: Ryoko, the current Ms. Twilight titleholder; Sumi, your adoring childhood friend; Shinju, the aristocratic beauty who hates your guts; and Sorami, the school's swimming champion. After having sex with all the girls, you are sequentially asked to choose the ones you like best by clicking on their portraits. The girls you don't choose are taken out of the roster until you end up with only one girl, and then your story path unfolds.

Once you're set on a particular girl's path, Slave Pageant is just like any other decision-driven bishoujo game. You are asked to pick one of two options ever so often, and the choices you make determine whether you get a good or bad ending. It's actually a collection of love stories, since you gradually fall in love with the girl you're concentrating on... and of course, if you already love her, it's highly unlikely that you'll allow her become the school whore. Thus Slave Pageant isn't really the sinister title that it makes itself out to be, and it's incredibly easy to boot. The right answers are so obvious you don't need to think twice.

Slave Pageant's artwork is by no means bad, but I found the CGs to be rather unrefined and somehow not up to standard. The character designs are pretty and polished enough though, so it's really a strange mix. Sex is depicted graphically, albeit the male organ is hidden in some penetration scenes, while in others all that appears is this ring of white light that goes into the female genitalia. The music is comprised mainly of the usual slew of generic-sounding midis that are heard in most bishoujo games, and all the original Japanese voices are retained.

Slave Pageant treads lightly on what's supposed to be primarily a dark theme. It's kind of like twisted fluff, a hybrid of G-Collections' two favorite themes: the perverse and the mindless. Interesting, but not really my bag since I prefer games with more challenge.

Game extras include a CG gallery and a music gallery.

Slave Pageant
Slave Pageant
Slave Pageant
Slave Pageant
Slave Pageant
Slave Pageant
Slave Pageant
Slave Pageant
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Review Title:
Slave Pageant
Alternative Titles:
Shojo Settai
Approximate Length:
10-30 Hours
Suitable For:
Adults Only
General Rating:
3 out of 5 stars
Hentai Rating:
3 out of 5 stars
Comedy, School, Gangbang,
Menage a Trois, Rape
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