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Sensei 2
Reviewer: Rowena Lim Lei 05/29/2003

You are Shuichi Nakata. You hail from one of the most prominent and powerful families in Japan. After your father dies you move out of the family home with your childhood friend Kumiko. You and Kumiko have lived in the same household for many years and have always been like brother and sister. Kumiko is is now a teacher in the city and you're currently one of her students. Lately though, a strange dark presence seems to influence your thoughts and actions... causing you to commit acts that have otherwise been unimaginable to you in the past. What happens when you are consumed by the darkness?

Sensei 2 is one of the more unique, multi-path bishoujo adventures that puts you in the shoes of a deranged young man named Shuichi Nakata. As Shuichi, the school is your playground and your potential "playmates" (or victims, for that matter) are the female faculty members. There's Kumiko, the "big sister" who's not related to you by blood; Ms. Ito, the beautiful but frigid part-time chemistry teacher; Yuko Seno, the strict and aggressive PE (Physical Education) teacher; Shoko Aoyama, the innocuous and extremely introverted student-teacher; and even the principal herself, the seductive Sachiho Izumi.

For a change, Sensei 2 lets you play a depraved hero. I tried my hardest to be good by choosing options which I felt were less evil but my character was totally out of control and still went on doing a lot of pretty sick things. I suppose the real plot would be the first Kumiko ending where you get a clue as to why Shuichi is turning into such a perverse and frightening person, but even then it is not fully explained. There's just mention of "ominous blood" that flows in the Nakata family's veins, and a lot of flashbacks from Shuichi and Kumiko's childhood days. There are ten endings in all, depending on which faculty member you decide to victimize. Needless to say each story path is disturbing in some way, although I guess if you look at it from Shuichi's point of view all the endings are "good" for him. While some minor plot holes bothered me, most of the stories work independently even if you don't get a clue with regards to your character's origins.

Despite the fact that Sensei 2's dark theme isn't really my kind of scene, I have to admit that the game is done very well. Production values are very high. Aside from the flawlessly rendered CG images, a full range of voice-acting and sound effects punctuate every scene. Even telephone conversations with anonymous characters are voiced. The character designs are a mixed bag. Each character looks very distinct but I didn't find any of the girls to be exceptionally attractive, in fact some of them look like frogs. Sensei 2 also features some of the most graphic sex scenes I've ever seen in a bishoujo game. Nothing is hidden, obstructed, or disguised from view. There's bondage, S&M, rape, anal sex, and just about every hardcore activity you can think of. Some of the contraptions and paraphernalia Shuichi used on the women were just downright scary.

Sensei 2 is not a game for the uninitiated. First time bishoujo gamers would most probably be overwhelmed by the heavy dark themes. I myself was still taken by surprise -- and I have been playing bishoujo games and watching hentai anime for years. If you want to explore sadistic tendencies, then this could very well be the game for you. Otherwise, better make sure being blatantly evil won't bother you before picking this one up. And I thought Fatal Relations was raunchy...

You can play this game even without having played the first Sensei. Game extras include a CG gallery, an endings gallery, sex scene recollections, and a music gallery.

Sensei 2
Sensei 2
Sensei 2
Sensei 2
Sensei 2
Sensei 2
Sensei 2
Sensei 2
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Review Title:
Sensei 2
Approximate Length:
10-30 Hours
Suitable For:
Adults Only
General Rating:
3 out of 5 stars
Hentai Rating:
3 out of 5 stars
Bondage, Gangbang, Rape,
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