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Secret Wives Club
Reviewer: Rowena Lim Lei 11/24/2003

You are Issei, a college student working as a part-time tutor. Your pupil is a young man named Eiichi, and it just so happens that his mother is the woman you had a one-night stand with in Bali... Chisato. Chisato is so thrilled to see you again that she tells two of her best friends, Nana and Kagari, all about you. The problem is, both Nana and Kagari are married as well. Now Chisato, Nana, and Kagari are all dissatisfied with their sex lives... and they want you to give them the pleasure that they've been missing out on. Thus the Hitozuma Hime Club is formed, and the club activities are all strictly sexual! Can you keep up with these three hot and bothered young housewives?

When I first played Hitozuma Hime Club, I thought it was a training simulation game along the lines of Maid's Story. The main option screen is a chart that tracks your progress with the three ladies as you give them sex education. Each girl has a different fetish, and these fetishes range from S&M tendencies to anal sex. How you time each lesson (the most crucial thing is exactly when you pick an option) determines how fast you can bring one lesson to its peak and unlock more lessons. You are given a fixed period of time to spend with the ladies, and so you have to fill up the gauges as fast as you can in order to see everything this game has to offer.

As I've decribed earlier, Hitozuma Hime Club puts you amidst three gorgeous and frustrated housewives. Chisato's husband is having an affair; Kagari is married to an impotent man who is a lot older than her; and Nana is stuck in a monotonous and dull relationship. It's up to you to show them how exciting sex can be, and so you pretty much dictate what everybody's going to do. There are different ways to approach the game. You can concentrate on one girl and try to win her heart in the end, or you can try to please everyone and engage in frequent threesomes and/or foursomes. There are several endings you can get based on how you plan your moves. I must admit, it was quite a challenge trying to complete all the CGs and I'm actually still missing a couple as I write this review.

My main gripe about Hitozuma Hime Club is how often CGs are recycled. For the first three lessons, more or less, the same CGs for each girl was shown over and over. While it's true that almost every click of an option would result in some kind of sexual activity, looking at the same scenes repeatedly dampened any sense of thrill since I already knew what was going to be flashed next. Story-wise, I don't think anyone should take Hitozuma Hime Club seriously since it's basically the glorification and justification of being unfaithful, so even the "good" endings aren't really good in terms of societal pretext. I mean, since when was stealing someone's wife considered good?

Hitozuma Hime Club's artwork is lovely. Beautiful characters and smoothly rendered CGs make up the entire game. Sex is depicted graphically, albeit in majority of the penetration scenes the male organ is not shown. All you see are the girls' lower genitals taking the shape of an "O" and that's pretty much it. Issei's penis is depicted in the oral sex scenes though. The dialogues are accompanied by the original Japanese voices.

Hitozuma Hime Club is overall an above average and uniquely entertaining game, despite its shortcomings. There's way too much anal sex for my tastes, but then that's just me.

Extra features include CG and music galleries.

Secret Wives Club
Secret Wives Club
Secret Wives Club
Secret Wives Club
Secret Wives Club
Secret Wives Club
Secret Wives Club
Secret Wives Club
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Review Title:
Secret Wives Club
Alternative Titles:
Hitozuma Hime Club
Approximate Length:
10-30 Hours
Suitable For:
Adults Only
General Rating:
3.5 out of 5 stars
Hentai Rating:
3.5 out of 5 stars
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