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Queen's Blade - Queen Hunt
Reviewer: Aaron Murphy 02/17/2010

Queen Hunt is a fairly simple and straightforward hentai flash game that focuses on the rape and all around sexual assault of Leina and Risty (Reina and Listy), two of the main characters from the huge Queen’s Blade franchise. Having only seen the first episode of the anime incarnation, I had neither an attachment to nor much knowledge of either of the characters, but that didn’t seem to matter much. For while the game may be a simple point and click adventure where you molest and violate these warrior ladies with all manner of tentacles and penis equipped girls, it’s actually quite titillating and rather fun to excite them to the point of squirting and cumming everywhere. Just watch out, for they too can grow their own penis!
Yes, Queen Hunt is certainly not short on sordid acts. After you choose either Risty or Leina to violate, you’re given a page with all manner of choices for your viewing pleasure. You can change their facial expression, add and remove just about every part of their wardrobe, and a few other things that I could never figure out due to my lack of knowing any Japanese. Even though this is the “English” release of the game, much of the text has been left in Japanese just to mess with our minds. At any rate, once you get the girl in the outfit you want (I usually go with almost if not fully naked myself) that’s when the fun beings. You just pick one of the four scenes and away you go. As you get her excited by hitting and touching her with tentacles new choices will come available. You can inject their breasts to make them huge or produce milk, you can call in tentacles or another woman to join the fun and start fucking her every which way, and you can even have her grow her own penis to just about whatever size you desire. The world is your oyster!
As sexy and great looking as all of these scenes are, the biggest problem Queen Hunt has is its lack of content. With only 8 different scenes split between the two girls you can basically go through everything in an hour, if not less. There’s also nothing inherent in Queen Hunt that adds any replay value, aside from its generally high level of quality. This is probably because there isn’t any game or fighting aspects here from which to create different situations or scenarios depending on how well you do. The two elements that really bring it over the top are that it has been uncensored, a rarity for DLsite content, and that it also includes sound effects and voices, which not all these types of games have.
In the end we are left with a game that is filled with a variety of quality content and all the little things that make the experience just that much better. Queen Hunt is definitely a game worth checking out, and it’s relatively cheap too boot.
The correct names for the two characters are Reina and Listy, but I’m sure due to legal reasons they are not able to use their actual names in the game.
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Queen's Blade - Queen Hunt
Queen's Blade - Queen Hunt
Queen's Blade - Queen Hunt
Queen's Blade - Queen Hunt
Queen's Blade - Queen Hunt
Queen's Blade - Queen Hunt
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Review Title:
Queen's Blade - Queen Hunt
Approximate Length:
60 Minutes
Suitable For:
Adults Only
General Rating:
0 out of 5 stars
Hentai Rating:
4.5 out of 5 stars
Excessive Fluids, Futanari, Large Breasts,
Milk Maiden, Tentacles, Watersports
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