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Pick Me, Honey!
Reviewer: Rowena Lim Lei 05/04/2005

You are Reiji, just another average guy in high school. Your birthday is coming up and you're planning a karaoke party with lots of girls. Maybe you'll get lucky and get a girlfriend at last. But your father has something else in mind... he arranges a surprise party for you, in more ways than one. He presents you with three girls: Hazuki, your hyperactive childhood friend; Mio, your refined cousin; and Chihiro, the demure daughter of your father's deceased best friend. All three girls will be living with you from here on, and you are to choose one of them to be your wife...

I was not in any way looking forward to playing Pick Me, Honey. I was appalled after I read the back cover description, and was even more so when the installer program stated that the game would need a whopping 1.2GBs of space. Now that was more than 5% of my laptop's hard drive. A simple text-and-image game eating up that much space is preposterous to say the least.

Anyhow, Pick Me, Honey! starts out just like any brainless hentai game would. You play a hot-blooded teenager named Reiji, and it just so happens that your birthday's coming up. You want a bash with lots of girls, but for some reason things don't work out and you find yourself stuck at home on your special day. But your dad has something else in store -- a surprise party with three of your girl friends, your teacher, and his secretary. Then the bomb is dropped. You have to choose one of the three girls to become your wife so that you two may someday take over your father's business. From then on, the three girls live with you -- serving you in every way possible, which includes surrendering their bodies and their chastity to you, just so that you choose one of them to be your wife.

Pick Me, Honey! is so linear and predictable that it's boring beyond belief. You get an options screen where you can pick either Hazuki, Chihiro, and Mio. You pick a girl and then you try to pick the very obvious correct answers which will bring you closer to her. Just keep on picking one girl over and over, get to her good side, and then that's it. You'll end up with her after conquering some minor obstacles like her low self-esteem, her jealousy, or some other thing like that. Really. Playing Pick Me Honey! was such a chore that I actually would rather be doing office work or house work rather than playing. The stories are all silly, shallow, and contrived, while the cookie-cutter characters all follow the same old anime / bishoujo game stereotypes -- tomboyish childhood friend, aloof and elegant debutante, naughty older woman... you name it. After you get Hazuki, Chihiro, and Mio's endings, your soft-spoken teacher Futaba and your father's sexy secretary Yoriko also become available. After you get their endings, the harem route becomes accessible.

Another thing that bothers me about Pick Me, Honey! is the character designs. The girls (with the exception of Futaba, who I think is the prettiest), all have these broad football-player shoulders and tacky clothing (especially true for Hazuki and Mio) that I found unattractive. The background scenes are well-done, and the sex scenes are explicitly detailed and plentiful. With the exception of group sex and anal sex, there isn't really anything overly kinky like S&M or bondage. The voices and music were okay, but then after a couple of rounds I played out the rest of the game in "skip" mode because the pacing was enough to put even a pervert to sleep while waiting for the next sex scene.

To further add to my unpleasant playing experience was the fact that Pick Me, Honey! kept crashing on my PC, and the only way to continue playing was to restart every time it did that. I don't know if the crashes are related to V-Mate, or if the game is just plain buggy. Whatever the case, it was a real pain in the neck because aside from restarting I had to dial-up and "activate" the game with V-Mate all over again before I could resume playing.

Summing it up, Pick me, Honey! is a tiresome game with a good amount of extremely graphic conventional sex scenes. I don't recommend it at all, but if you're in it just for the sex then you'll get a lot of what you paid for.

Extra features include a CG and music gallery.

Pick Me, Honey!
Pick Me, Honey!
Pick Me, Honey!
Pick Me, Honey!
Pick Me, Honey!
Pick Me, Honey!
Pick Me, Honey!
Pick Me, Honey!
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Review Title:
Pick Me, Honey!
Alternative Titles:
Anata no Osanazuma
Approximate Length:
10-30 Hours
Suitable For:
Adults Only
General Rating:
2 out of 5 stars
Hentai Rating:
2 out of 5 stars
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