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Love Love Show
Reviewer: Rowena Lim Lei 12/31/2001

Love Love Show is a collection of games and puzzles which reward you with explicit and superbly drawn hentai images whenever you win or solve a stage.

One thing's certain: Love Love Show is not your usual story-driven bishoujo game.

Love Love Show is divided into two parts: Original Game and Uncensored Game. The Original Game lets you choose a character to play as, then you are subsequently pitted against several other characters (all female) for a round of connect-5. You play the red chips and your opponent plays the blue ones. Whoever succeeds in connecting five tokens of the same color wins. BUT it's not as simple as it sounds because you and your rival are each given an arsenal of special attacks to use -- which can be anything from eradicating one whole row of chips to placing two chips in one turn. The specials can turn the game around in one click, so winning can be very tricky. Each stage consists of two rounds, and you'll notice that your opponent gets tougher to beat as you go along. After you successfully clear a stage, you'll be rewarded with beautifully rendered hentai images of the girl who lost. The Original Game also features Japanese texts (only the menus are translated to English, but it's not like you need to read in order to play) and mosaic'd artwork exactly as it appeared in the Japanese release. The mosaics aren't all that disturbing though, subtly done as they are and leaving very little to the imagination. Bonus modes such as CG galleries become accessible after you defeat all the opponents.

The Uncensored Game consists of three parts: Game A, Game B, and Game C. Game A is a go-fish / memory type of game where you are presented with 16 character cards. You have to match the cards and get them off the board within a limited number of moves. The number of moves you have in order to clear the cards becomes lesser as you progress. After you win the round, you are rewarded with lovely hentai pictures of the losing character... only this time, there are no mosaics to contend with. Game B and Game C are both puzzle games wherein you need to move square pieces around in order to form the image. Since I totally suck at this kind of puzzle, I didn't spend much time with Games B and C.

As I've mentioned in the previous paragraphs, the artwork is gorgeous. Character designs are attractive, with cute faces and perfect bodily proportions (no grotesquely oversized anatomical parts). The CGs are crisp and vibrantly rendered to boot. Losing characters are depicted in various stages of undress and extremely kinky poses. The background music is also quite catchy.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed Love Love Show. It's cute, fun, challenging, and definitely a refreshing change of pace from the more commonly released interactive visual novels. I can only hope that future English bishoujo game ports would follow suit so that gamers can have more diversity.

This game can be installed in English, French, Italian, or German.

Love Love Show
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Review Title:
Love Love Show
Approximate Length:
5-10 Hours
Suitable For:
Adults Only
General Rating:
4 out of 5 stars
Hentai Rating:
4 out of 5 stars
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