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Lightning Warrior Raidy
Reviewer: Aaron Murphy 06/21/2008

The town of Sadd has been having its fair share of problems lately. An ominous tower nearby has been infested by monsters and demons, which have taken all their young women for unknown purposes. The men of the town tried to save them, but were never heard from again. This is where Raidy comes in, a wandering adventurer and swordfighter, the town’s last hope to get their women back. With her superlative fighting skills and ability to use lightning magic, she will brave the tower and all its monsters, puzzles, and sexy mishaps in the hopes of freeing the poor young women trapped there. But with an unknown force of true evil controlling those within, will she be able to infiltrate the tower and free the enslaved women, or will she end up becoming one of them? 

I had no idea what Lightning Warrior Raidy was going to be like when I first started playing. Again I was pleasantly surprised to run into a bishoujo game with an actual fighting system, though my experiences so far have been mixed. A dungeon crawler, minus the action RPG elements, creates a rather 1990’s fighting experience. Except this time around instead of killing gnarly monsters, you’re fighting beautiful women-beasts who have the wonderful tendency of losing their clothing when defeated. And who doesn’t love women losing their clothing!   
The premise in Lightning Warrior Raidy is about as straightforward as they come. You play as Raidy, a scantily clad female warrior who gets hired to try and rescue the town of Sadd’s womenfolk. They were captured by demons and are now being held inside of a rather menacing looking tower. This is about as far as the story development goes, giving you the basic setup right at the start and not trying to do anything with it afterwards. Raidy is the only main character in the game, and she is very attractive and strong willed, as well as being sexually promiscuous. After the 3 minutes of introduction you’ll get right to work fighting your way through all 6 levels of the tower in an attempt to free the prisoners and defeat those evil foes. Since there isn’t any time to waste on furthering the story, almost all the focus is put squarely on the puzzles and fighting. Oh those lovely puzzles that turn you in circles and make you spend hours trying to figure out where the hell you are!
In Lightning Warrior Raidy every level has a new puzzle you’ll have to figure out to proceed to the next floor. These vary from trying to find a key to unlock a door blocking your path, to trying to find secret passages through walls and subsequent hallways that will turn you in various directions to throw you off course. It can be rather infuriating, and can result in you blindly running in circles trying to figure out what you’ve done wrong. Between trying to figure out the puzzles and the need for leveling before going on to the next floor, you’ll be getting in a whole lot of fights, for better or worse. When you engage an enemy, they will appear in a set position and after the fight is over, which usually consists of you rapidly hitting the attack button, the enemy is then shown defeated and de-clothed. This really gives you an added incentive to win the battle, but doesn’t save the fighting system from being pretty basic. With just two different attacks, one a sword attack and the other a lightning attack, you don’t exactly have a lot of choices available to you. It’s not so much that this simple and quite repetitious fighting system is bad; it’s just not very interesting. A little more variety, spice, and thought could have made the system into something to be enjoyed rather than something to be tolerated. And while I didn’t really mind the fighting system personally, I could tell right off the bat it wasn’t going to be the most enthralling time I ever had battling through dungeons.      
While the fighting may be a mixed bag, what’s nice about Lightning Warrior Raidy is that no matter what, naked chicks. Whether you’re grinding through levels or just trying to beast through the game, you’ll be seeing naked ladies every minute of the game. Which certainly cuts down on some of the monotony, though isn’t enough to completely save it. Each of the monsters have 2 CG scenes, one with them in a sexy pose attacking you and the other after they have been, yes… killed (such a waste!), with their clothes flying off. The boss of each level gives you the same type of setup, just with a lot more “situations” presented. With a tantalizing mix of sexy females, the CG scenes are quite nice to look at and very well done overall. My only complaint here is that there wasn’t a larger variety of enemies to battle, resulting in fighting the same monsters time after time. The actual hentai factor of the CG scenes never gets too extreme in terms of the monsters, but does vary quite a bit with the bosses. From hot wax and enemas, to tentacles and bondage horse riding, it does escape from the normal range of situations. This may put some off, especially with the enema and the obvious end result, but I found the slightly more extreme nature of some of the scenes to be a welcome change. 
Ultimately, Lightning Warrior Raidy is a quirky, fun, and engrossing game, with a wonderful little charm about it. If not for its inability to break free from a repetitious game environment, tiring fighting system, and simplistic dialogue, I could have recommended it across the board. But while I was able to enjoy the game in spite of those shortfalls, others may not be so forgiving. At ~10 hours of game play though, you don’t have much to lose by giving it a chance. 

A sequel, titled Lightning Warrior Raidy II, has been released in Japan with plans for a US release in late 2008 to early 2009.

Lightning Warrior Raidy
Lightning Warrior Raidy
Lightning Warrior Raidy
Lightning Warrior Raidy
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Review Title:
Lightning Warrior Raidy
Alternative Titles:
Ikazuchi no Senshi Raidi - Haja no Raikou, Kaminari no Senshi Raidi
Approximate Length:
5-10 Hours
Suitable For:
Adults Only
General Rating:
3.5 out of 5 stars
Hentai Rating:
3.5 out of 5 stars
Action, Fantasy, Supernatural,
Bondage, Monsters, Rape,
Tentacles, Toys, Watersports,
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