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Light Up
Reviewer: Rowena Lim Lei 05/31/2002

Play a game of rock-paper-scissors (or "jan-ken-pon" as the Japanese call it)... with a catch. The loser of each round takes off an article of clothing until everything's off! Pretty schoolgirls Mio, Mao and Kyoko are up to the challenge. Are you?

Jan-ken-pon! Jan-ken-pon!

Light Up is a simple, straightforward little game that you play with more of luck rather than skill. In case you're one of the few who has never heard of rock-paper-scissors, it's literally a hand game where forming a fist with your hand would represent a "rock", opening your palms would represent a "paper", and two fingers forming a V would represent a "scissor". You and your opponent put your hands out at the same time. If she forms a rock, and you form a scissor, you win. If she forms a paper and you form a rock, you lose. The concept for winning is simple -- a paper can wrap up a rock, a scissor can cut through paper, and a rock can resist a scissor. But wait, there's more to Light Up than just that.

Whenever you win a round of rock-paper-scissors, you are presented with another mini-game where you'll try to guess which direction (up, down, left, or right) the opponent is thinking of. If you guess correctly, you proceed to a spinning wheel where you hit your mouse to see on which number (0,1, and 2) the light will stop. These numbers represent how many articles of clothing your opponent will remove. If it lands on zero, then she's off the hook. In turn, you the player are given 310 points. Every time your opponent wins a round, she takes 100 points. You lose the game when you lose all your points. What's more, you can't pick which girl to challenge because you have to go through them in order of Mio, Kyoko, and Mao. If you can't win against Mio, you'll never get to the next girl.

Light Up is a very short and admittedly shallow game which you play for the same reason you'd want to play strip poker -- to pass the time and to see if you're going to get lucky. I got everybody naked in about an hour's time, but I did have a tough time winning against the first girl. You do get the hang of it after a few rounds, and I felt that the game got easier as I went along. The artwork is attractive enough -- the girls are pretty, albeit Mio and Mao resemble each other too much. The depiction of nudity is generally limited to breast and butt exposure, and your opponent speaks in a cute Japanese girl voice while you play.

Light Up also comes with a truckload of high quality hentai images from various bishoujo games such as "Tokimeki Checki-in!", "May Club", etc. and from erotic CD collections such as "Plagiarism" and "Dreamworld". The images are all uncensored and very explicit, featuring not only sexual intercourse but also various fetishes such as bondage, S&M, etc. Let's put it this way, with well over a hundred images bundled with Light Up, you may never need to surf the net for hentai galleries again (which are mostly illegal anyway, infringing copyrights and such).

All in all, I had fun with Light Up. It's not exactly a phenomenal game but it's the kind I'd keep in my PC to toy with when things are slow in the office... or something to that effect.

Cute, cute, cute...

Light Up
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Review Title:
Light Up
Approximate Length:
1-5 Hours
Suitable For:
Adults Only
General Rating:
3 out of 5 stars
Hentai Rating:
3 out of 5 stars
Bondage, Toys
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