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Let's Meow Meow!
Reviewer: Rowena Lim Lei 11/21/2005

You are Ibuki, a young man who loves cats. You feed stray cats every chance you get, and you would actually keep some at your apartment were it not prohibited. One day, the Cat God appears before you and thanks you for being kind to cats. He then tells you that he will grant you one wish as a reward. You tell the Cat God that you want your own cat girl, thinking it's all a dream. A few days later though, you find a cat girl outside your door... and thus your misadventures begin!

When the now defunct G-Collections started promoting Let's Meow Meow last year (or was it early this year? I can't really remember), I wasn't the least bit excited. I had very low expectations, since it had all the qualities of another worthless trademark G-Collections sex romp -- from the porn-esque title to the animal-eared female characters on the game cover. I actually put off playing and reviewing this game, prioritizing more meaningful titles such as Hitomi. Anyways the day of reckoning has finally come, and so it goes...

Let's Meow Meow has you playing Ibuki, an avid cat-lover. Ibuki's the type of guy who feeds stray cats, shelters lost kittens, and well... you get the picture. The Cat God is so pleased with Ibuki that he rewards Ibuki with his very own cat girl. The problem is, the Cat God botches up the process and Ibuki ends up with not only a cat girl, but eventually also a bunny girl, a dog girl, a robot cat girl, and a dazed priestess from the Cat Kingdom. Since all these girls have no place to go, Ibuki's pad becomes a menagerie of sorts.

There are a total of five girls for Ibuki to choose from: Nanami, the stereotypical feisty girl-next-door / childhood friend; Mikan, the cat girl sent by the Cat God to serve you; Hanabi, the horny bunny girl (sound familiar?); Shinju, the somber dog girl; and the artificial maid Koboshi. Play your cards right and you can end up with one, if not all, of these ladies. There's no complex plot, just be nice to everyone and choose your girl from the character selection screen and voila!

Let's Meow Meow is so devoid of challenge that it's ridiculous. The right decisions are obvious, and getting the girl you want consists of clicking on her portrait on the character selection screen every time. I never, ever made a wrong decision and so I never got a bad ending -- albeit I've been informed that there actually is a bad ending. Every path is basically the same with very slight variations. I was so tired of the dialogues that after my first run, I played the game in skip mode the rest of the time. As always, there's a harem route after you've unlocked everyone's endings.

The artwork is above average, I guess. I found the character designs to be on the bland side, but the girls can be considered either quite pretty or quite cute. Sex is depicted explicitly, but I noticed that the penis is invisible in most of the penetration scenes. The girls' vaginas become big gaping holes during the pumping, something which I found rather unsavory. The music is equally generic and the voices are the usual cutesy female Japanese voices you hear in every other bishoujo game.

Let's Meow Meow is all in all a shallow sex romp with a dash of bestiality added in -- tails, bodily hair, and animal ears. Just your average bishoujo game, but at least it's flavored a bit differently.

Extra features include a CG gallery and a music gallery.

Let's Meow Meow!
Let's Meow Meow!
Let's Meow Meow!
Let's Meow Meow!
Let's Meow Meow!
Let's Meow Meow!
Let's Meow Meow!
Let's Meow Meow!
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Review Title:
Let's Meow Meow!
Alternative Titles:
Minna de Nyan Nyan
Approximate Length:
10-30 Hours
Suitable For:
Adults Only
General Rating:
2.5 out of 5 stars
Hentai Rating:
2.5 out of 5 stars
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