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Legend of Fairies
Reviewer: Rowena Lim Lei 12/31/2000

Jango is a young man with a dark past. He used to be part of the Organization, a mafia-esque group which engages in various illegal activities. In order to be free, Jango abandons the Organization -- a deed which is considered as treason, for which the punishment is death. Jango is no ordinary guy, for he is a Shikigami Master. A Shikigami Master is a person who is skilled at the ancient art of Battle Mahjongg. He is able to bind fairies in a contract to serve him and further enhance his powers. Thus Jango lives in hiding, eluding the Organization's watchful eye. The problem is, a damsel-in-distress named Mika hires Jango to investigate her father's disappearance... and all the clues lead back to the Organization!

Legend of the Fairies isn't really a game -- it's a visual novel. You follow the story of Jango, a young man with a not-so-ordinary life.
Jango lives a simple life with his Shikigami named Kumi. This changes when he meets Mika, a girl who lost her father around a decade ago. The Organization that he's been avoiding is somehow responsible for the disappearance of Mika's father. Jango makes some new friends and meets several other fairies during his investigation, and soon Kumi is just one of his several Shikigami. It's a very interesting story, albeit just a tad too predictable.

Every time Jango encounters a new fairy or enemy, a Battle Mahjongg match ensues. To my disappointment however, the mahjongg sequences consist only of character pics bumping each other off the screen. The only thing you need to do is click on the "next" button, then you just win and win and win. There's no doubt that Legend of Fairies would have been worlds better had the mahjongg games involved actual play rather than just passive mouse-clicking the gamer's part. There isn't even a save feature because the game is entirely linear and can be accessed via chapters. Aside from chapter divisions, there are back, forward, rewind, and fast forward buttons as well.

The artwork is excellent, boasting of attractive character designs and vibrantly rendered CGs. Your female opponents strip themselves naked every time you win in Battle Mahjongg, and the last level of undress usually features the girl dripping in cum with all her genitals exposed. There aren't really any sexual scenes, save for some female masturbatory activities. Bonus sections include a Legend of Fairies CG gallery, a music gallery, and a Smash 25 gallery. I don't know what Smash 25 is (it may be a bishoujo game title for all I know) but accessing it enables you to view several female character types in different levels of kinky-ness and nudity. There's an athlete, an office girl, school girl, show girl, traditional Japanese girl, etc. As with all Milky House releases, Legend of Fairies also comes with a truckload of high quality hentai images from various bishoujo games and doujinshi such as "Water Closet", "Borderline 2.0", etc.

While Legend of Fairies features a great art and a nice enough story, gamers may feel short-changed due to the lack of any real gaming elements.

Legend of Fairies can also be played in Italian.

Legend of Fairies
Legend of Fairies
Legend of Fairies
Legend of Fairies
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Review Title:
Legend of Fairies
Approximate Length:
10-30 Hours
Suitable For:
Adults Only
General Rating:
2.5 out of 5 stars
Hentai Rating:
2.5 out of 5 stars
Comedy, Fantasy, Romance,
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