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I'm Gonna Serve You 4
Reviewer: Rowena Lim Lei 07/07/2004

You are a high school student named Koji. You save your good friend Himeko from a car accident one day and end up critically injured. When you wake up, you are in a strange hospital in the United States. You go back to Japan when you recover and your uncle takes you in. However, you are not the only one who is going to live with him. Four beautiful girls will be staying there as well: your childhood friends Himeko and Chizuru, the mysterious Leo, and your beautiful cousin Takano. What's more, all of the girls want to personally make sure you ALL your needs are attended to...

I'm Gonna Serve You 4 starts out as a fairly sunny and comical bishoujo game, much like G-Collections' "Kango Shicyauzo". We have the typical situation wherein a young man is surrounded by several beautiful girls, and all the player really has to do is lay back and choose the same girl over and over in order to end up with her. That pretty much covers the game play.

As I've mentioned in the description, you have four girls to choose from: the stereotypical cute and sweet "little sister" childhood friend Himeko, the ethereal looker Takano (who just happens to be your uncle's daughter), the more outgoing and aggressive "big sister" childhood friend Chizuru, and the quiet and reserved Leo. For some reason you and these girls will be living under one roof with your uncle while helping out at his restaurant. The fact that they all love you is obvious, but why is everyone going to extra lengths taking care of you when you've completely recovered from the accident? There's something behind the overly lenient situation, and it's not until the second half of the game till you find out what.

Each girl has three possible endings: non-romantic, good (if that's what you can call it), and best. Stick to one girl the whole game and then choose a different girl the very last time you are asked and you'll get the non-romantic ending. Obviously, in order to get the "good" and "best" endings, you'd have to pick the same girl every single time the character selection screen appears. What determines "good" and "best" is the answer that you give the girl every time she asks you a question. If you opt for the more positive answers, you'll get the best ending and vice-versa. Both the "good" and "best" endings have their own corresponding CGs, so you really have to get both in order to get 100% in your gallery.

I'm Gonna Serve You 4 surprised me with some very drastic and bizarre twists. After you've chosen a girlfriend, you discover something about her and yourself that makes life complicated. Three out of four of these girls have an insurmountable problem that you get through by some miracle (one of them is actually a fairy with a limited time in this world, just to give you an example), which makes the stories downright incredulous. Not really my cup of tea, but these quirks make the plots far from mundane.

The artwork is lovely. Character designs are generally pleasing, and there were no irritating lolicons (i.e. obviously underage and underdeveloped girls) in sight -- which is a definite plus for me. Sex is depicted explicitly, although all the activities are plain vanilla. Basically you only get to make love to a girl when you become a couple, so it's everybody's first time and quite predictably nothing but regular sexual intercourse ensues. The dialogues are accompanied by original Japanese voices, sound effects, and background music. For the life of me though I can't remember what any of the music was like so it couldn’t have been neither good nor bad.

Overall I'm Gonna Serve You 4 is an easy game with a few tricks up its sleeve. It is along the lines of Kango Shicyauzo, albeit a tad more challenging and darker in theme.

Game extras include a CG gallery and a music gallery.

I'm Gonna Serve You 4
I'm Gonna Serve You 4
I'm Gonna Serve You 4
I'm Gonna Serve You 4
I'm Gonna Serve You 4
I'm Gonna Serve You 4
I'm Gonna Serve You 4
I'm Gonna Serve You 4
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Review Title:
I'm Gonna Serve You 4
Alternative Titles:
Tsukushite Agechau 4 Watashitachi no Mitsugetsu
Approximate Length:
10-30 Hours
Suitable For:
Adults Only
General Rating:
3.5 out of 5 stars
Hentai Rating:
3.5 out of 5 stars
Drama, Normal Sex
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