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I'm Gonna Nurse You 1
Reviewer: Rowena Lim Lei 10/23/2002

You are a pediatrician named Shinobu. Your beautiful adoptive mother Kaede asks you to fill in as a substitute teacher in an all-girl nursing school. You oblige, and soon find yourself with five possible girlfriends: Momiji, your foster sister who seems to consider you as more than just a brother; Nanana, Momiji's best friend who's also very much interested in you; Chisa, the studious class president who's always viewed as the school's "goody two-shoes"; Emi, the pretty and ever-cheerful nun who takes care of everyone; and Kaede herself, whom you've always had a crush on since your childhood days. Who will you end up with?

I was very excited when I finally got my copy of Kango Shicyauzo. It's the first G-Collections title I've come across, and I couldn't wait to see how it would compare with other bishoujo game releases.

Kango Shicyauzo is mainly a nurse-fetish title with game play that is similar to Peach Princess' "Tokimeki Check-in!". You play a twentysomething doctor named Shinobu, and your goal is to find your true love in the nursing school you are assigned to. I found it very easy overall. I was able to win all five girls without having to resort to outside help nor did I find it necessary to use the available hints within the game. There are five different paths you can take, and winning your dream girl entails having as many encounters / meetings with her as possible. The choices you make on that path will determine whether or not you complete all the particular girl's CGs.

The plots range from serious to bizarre. My personal favorite is Nanana's path, because in it lies a great conflict: Momiji and Nanana are best friends and yet both of them are in love with you. How can anyone possibly win? I couldn't stop playing until I finished that scenario. The strangest story is definitely Emi's. She's a nun, and yet she is the most sex-starved girl of all. She dishes out sexual advice like a liberated woman while at the same time telling people things about God and His love. It was rather disturbing, and I felt that path lacked any sense of closure because how could Emi carry on a relationship so comfortably with Shinobu all the while remaining a nun? I was stumped. I should probably mention that it's possible not to end up with anyone if you keep changing your focus.

After you win all the girls, you are given access to a new scenario called the "playboy route". This path is designed to gratify various fetishes, and doesn't really have any real story. All the characters go out of character, and all they want to do this time around is screw around and have orgies. This unlocks all the remaining mystery CGs and completes the gallery in the extras section. There's also a message-skip feature which allows you to breeze through previously read dialogues.

Kango Shicyauzo's artwork is exquisite. Character designs are beautiful, and the CGs are richly drawn and nicely detailed. I was also very impressed by the game's starting menu. Sex is depicted very graphically (as you can see in the screenshots below), albeit in some penetration scenes the male organ is depicted as a diffused ring of white light that looks like a blast of air going inside the girl. I had a minor problem with the regular scenes though, because the characters look like they were roughly cropped from some other scene and then superimposed on the backgrounds.

Overall, I found Kango Shicyauzo to be amusing and entertaining. It's not perfect but it certainly left me craving for more of G-Collections' titles.

Extra features include a couple of CG image galleries and a music section.

I'm Gonna Nurse You 1
I'm Gonna Nurse You 1
I'm Gonna Nurse You 1
I'm Gonna Nurse You 1
I'm Gonna Nurse You 1
I'm Gonna Nurse You 1
I'm Gonna Nurse You 1
I'm Gonna Nurse You 1
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Review Title:
I'm Gonna Nurse You 1
Alternative Titles:
Kango Shicyauzo
Approximate Length:
10-30 Hours
Suitable For:
Adults Only
General Rating:
4 out of 5 stars
Hentai Rating:
4 out of 5 stars
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