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Idols Galore
Reviewer: Rowena Lim Lei 01/08/2005

You are Kuro, a freelance troubleshooter, which is something like an efficiency expert. You work on a per project basis, and you solve various problems within companies using all means possible. Whenever a company encounters delicate situations or obstacles, you're called in. Now your latest job puts you in charge of two of Japan's top teen idols: the pop singer Megumi, and the supermodel Aya. A former idol named Yumiko is managing the girls, and Yumiko is planning to switch to a different talent agency along with them! You're hired by their present agency to stop them from transferring by proving you can make them more popular than they've ever been before. Thus begins your career as a talent manager...

Senseless and idiotic, Idols Galore's idea of managing a female celebrity's career is having you pick the sexiest, most vulgar option out of the choices presented. The more skin they bare, the more controversial their projects, the more points you score with their career. You get options like: Operation Titties, Operation Naked Commercial, Operation Soaked and See Through, etc. Like almost every other G-Collections game, it's all just one big excuse to screw around.

Contrary to the flamboyant title, there are only four girls available for conquest, and only two of them are actually idols: Megumi the cute and wholesome singer, Aya the feisty supermodel, their manager Yumiko as the resident seductive older woman, and then there's Kyoka your compliant assistant. Rape seems to be standard fare in most of G-Collections' releases, and Idols Galore is no exception. You must rape Megumi, Aya, and Yumiko in order for you to complete the game... there's no going around it. It doesn't really fit in the scheme of things but that's just the way it is. Idols Galore tries to pass itself off as some sort of sex comedy, but I never found anything remotely funny in this game. None of the characters are likeable to boot.

Let's not even start talking about the plot, or the absence thereof. Each girl has an ending, but Idols Galore is so stupid that picking out a girl's costume idea serves as the key to her heart. The plot is so not there that the endings feel like open quotations rather than conclusions. Not that I can blame the game since there's basically NOTHING to conclude. After unlocking the four endings, you get access to the obligatory harem route, wherein an orgy defines each intimate moment... and then you unlock the supposed "real" ending of the game, getting only one specific girl after all the gang bangs you go through. Don't get your hopes up though, because the "real" ending is equally dumb and forgettable.

Just about the only positive point of this game is the artwork. Character designs are distinct and attractive, and the graphic sex scenes are rendered in their full uncensored glory. There's something for everyone: lesbian activity, sex toys, group sex, oral, anal, and even heterosexual consensual sex. The music was negligible, since I was on fast-forward mode for most part after my initial run of the game.

Idols Galore is yet another worthless sex-fest from G-Collections, which should be enough make anyone question their claim: "Our games are not just about sex. strives to introduce games we believe customers would be most satisfied with. Our goal is to help create a market where many people with a variety of preferences can enjoy Bishojo Games,". -- quoted from the G-Collections site. I don't know about you, but from what I've seen from most of their releases, sex is just about all they have to offer up to this point.

Extra features include a CG, sex scene, and music gallery all rolled into one.

Idols Galore
Idols Galore
Idols Galore
Idols Galore
Idols Galore
Idols Galore
Idols Galore
Idols Galore
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Review Title:
Idols Galore
Alternative Titles:
Meshi Mase Idol
Approximate Length:
10-30 Hours
Suitable For:
Adults Only
General Rating:
2.5 out of 5 stars
Hentai Rating:
2.5 out of 5 stars
Comedy, Menage a Trois, Rape,
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