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Fairy Nights
Reviewer: Rowena Lim Lei 12/31/2000

After gaining five Shikigami for his last encounter with the Organization, Jango is now more powerful than ever. But two of his Shikigami, Kumi and Koukaku are being summoned back to their home village -- and Jango doesn't have much of a choice but to accompany them. Thus Jango and his Shikigami set off for the mountains, only to find out much later that the Organization is still hot on their trail! To top it off, the Organization is after something hidden in Kumi and Koukaku's village...

Fairy Nights is the sequel to the visual novel "Legend of Fairies". Although it chronicles the further adventures of Jango and his Shikigami, the story can pretty much stand alone since references to the past installment are explained.

This time, Jango and his Shikigami journey to the mountains to attend the annual festival held at Kumi and Koukaku's village. This annual festival holds some special meaning, but it is not revealed right away and Jango's group has to wait for the set day to find out. As usual, there's more to the village and the festival than meets the eye, and Jango encounters the Organization's henchwomen in no time. I can't really say anymore because giving the plot away would just defeat the whole purpose of getting through Fairy Nights.

As is the case with Legend of Fairies, every time Jango encounters a new female character, a Battle Mahjongg match ensues. Instead of character pics bumping each other off the screen though, the mahjongg games now have visible tiles you can see and click on. No, you don't get to play because the games are still fully automated and simply clicking on the screen gets the job done. I think it's rather silly (not to mention boring) playing through a mahjongg-based bishoujo game and not getting to play. Like its predecessor, there isn't a save feature because the game is entirely linear and can be accessed via chapters. Aside from chapter divisions, there are back, forward, rewind, and fast forward buttons as well.

The artwork remains attractive and vibrantly rendered. Your female opponents strip themselves naked every time and talk seductively every time you win in Battle Mahjongg, and the last level of undress usually features the girl dripping in cum with all her genitals exposed. There's also one such sequence where two female characters get it on with each other. There's still no male-female intercourse depicted though. Bonus sections include a Fairy Nights CG gallery, a music gallery, and a Let's Bingo gallery. I don't know what Let's Bingo is (it may be a bishoujo game title for all I know) but accessing it enables you to view several female character types in different levels of kinky-ness and nudity. There's a school girl, a racer, an equestrian, etc. As with all Milky House releases, Legend of Fairies also comes with a truckload of high quality hentai images from various bishoujo games and doujinshi such as "Snow Drop", "Plagiarism", etc.

Fairy Nights features great art and an interesting story, but gamers may feel short-changed due to the lack of any real gaming elements.

Legend of Fairies can also be played in Italian.

Fairy Nights
Fairy Nights
Fairy Nights
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Review Title:
Fairy Nights
Approximate Length:
10-30 Hours
Suitable For:
Adults Only
General Rating:
2.5 out of 5 stars
Hentai Rating:
2.5 out of 5 stars
Comedy, Fantasy, Romance,
Normal Sex, Yuri
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