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(Even More) Perverted Girlfriend
Reviewer: Aaron Murphy 03/22/2010

Every guy wishes he could have a wonderfully naughty girlfriend (or at least all the guys reading this do!) and that’s exactly what you’re going to get in (Even More) Perverted Girlfriend. For Reine Misato just can’t help but be constantly turned on, and she could care less about the report you have to get done as she continually distracts you with her lascivious body. What’s a guy to do? Well, that’s for you to decide!
If you’re looking for plot, you just read it. (Even More) Perverted Girlfriend is specifically focused on a number of animated scenes that you can view one of two ways. The first is to go through the actual story mode, where every time you have the same setup (you have work that needs to get done and she wants sex) and depending on how long you delay, ignore or acquiesce you get a different outcome. You can end up fucking her in various positions, watching her masturbate with a dildo, having her or forcing her to give you a blowjob, and also tying her up to utilize a number of sizable toys at your disposal. Each and every scene offers and optional cross section view and you can also switch between two different camera angles. It’s really quite a nifty setup where you can go from looking at what you’re doing to her to seeing her facial expressions while you’re doing it. The second option you have for viewing the content is just to choose and view any scene you desire, skipping the rather repetitious story mode and getting right to the meat of it. It still has all the same naughty dialogue, just without her continual begging for your D before you get down to business.
With fourteen different scenes to choose from and each one of those having 4 or 5 different animated positions, there’s plenty of content and situations to enjoy. It’s not just the content itself that’s great, but the voices, sound effects and the wonderful facial expressions that Misato has almost continuously as well. She isn’t joking when she says she loves sex, and whether she’s drooling all over herself or having her eyes roll back, her looks of absolute bliss are a great addition to all the scenes and one of my favorite parts of (Even More) Perverted Girlfriend.
With some quality animation work and enough variety in each scene to keep the looping feel to a minimum, (Even More) Perverted Girlfriend is, simply put, a great and enjoyable title. Not only is Misato fairly cute, but when you get her excited her facial expressions just make the game shine. It’s definitely worth checking out.
“(Even More)” is in relation to the expansion version, which includes all of the content from the original Is That From A Hentai Game? - Perverted Girlfriend release with a number of new scenes added in.
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(Even More) Perverted Girlfriend
(Even More) Perverted Girlfriend
(Even More) Perverted Girlfriend
(Even More) Perverted Girlfriend
(Even More) Perverted Girlfriend
(Even More) Perverted Girlfriend
(Even More) Perverted Girlfriend
(Even More) Perverted Girlfriend
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Review Title:
(Even More) Perverted Girlfriend
Approximate Length:
120 Minutes
Suitable For:
Adults Only
General Rating:
3 out of 5 stars
Hentai Rating:
4.5 out of 5 stars
Bondage, Toys, Watersports,
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