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Dragon Quest III - Electric Jellyfish Battle DE
Reviewer: Aaron Murphy 02/27/2010

Pulling together various character classes from Dragon Quest III, Electric Jellyfish DE Battle has you as a malevolent jellyfish thing looking to take out your frustrations on all these battle hardened ladies. The only way to make that happen however is to battle them, a system by which you try to knock them out before they kill you so you can get them tied up and ready to be violated. This is made slightly more difficult by the fact that Electric Jellyfish DE Battle has not been released in English, so it’s really a guessing game as to what all these various circles and level readings that pop up everywhere are all about. Given the length of the game, the learning curve is probably longer than you are going to end up playing it for anyway.
There are four different women for you to battle as you go through the game, and you have to fight and beat all four of them to actually win the game. This may seem easy at the start, especially if you change their health options to the lowest setting, but each battle gets decidedly more difficult as you go along. Making the last one really quite difficult, especially if you have no idea what you are doing. When you do succeed at defeating one of the characters you immediately get to start doing your worst to them. One of the nice things about Electric Jellyfish DE Battle is that you are constantly getting new and different scenes with the same women as you defeat them again and again. How you actually get this to happen I have no clue, but I rarely saw the same scene twice as I went through it trying to beat all four of them over and over again (it was not easy). Each time you get to remove their clothing, play with their various naughty bits and finally start using your penis shaped tentacle to give them a bit of pleasure. There’s nothing terribly exciting that you get to do however. 
This is all well and good but there is one big problem, there’s no sound at all, anywhere. Unlike Queen Hunt, we don’t get to hear these girls as they get stripped and violated, which for me was quite sad. When you actually have a more immersive game like this, not having one critical element can quite hinder one’s overall enjoyment, which is certainly part of what happened here. That’s not the only thing that takes it down a couple notches. The sex scenes are rather short and you don’t really have much control as to their direction and the fighting bit is more of an annoyance than a fun way to get to violate your next target. It’s a triple threat for a poor time.
Having just played Queen Hunt, the circle’s most recent release, I couldn’t help but be disappointed by what I found here. With no sound, only slightly engrossing sex scenes and a fight system that added no value to me, Electric Jellyfish DE Battle is an all around inferior product to Queen Hunt. Unless you really love the circle’s work, just play Queen Hunt or the slightly worse (also thanks to no sound) Blue Jellyfish of Forest and leave this one dead and buried.
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Dragon Quest III - Electric Jellyfish Battle DE
Dragon Quest III - Electric Jellyfish Battle DE
Dragon Quest III - Electric Jellyfish Battle DE
Dragon Quest III - Electric Jellyfish Battle DE
Dragon Quest III - Electric Jellyfish Battle DE
Dragon Quest III - Electric Jellyfish Battle DE
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Dragon Quest III - Electric Jellyfish Battle DE
Approximate Length:
60 Minutes
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Adults Only
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0 out of 5 stars
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2 out of 5 stars
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