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Reviewer: Rowena Lim Lei 05/01/2003

Three doors to the world of fantasy:
  • "Kanako's Depression" - A pretty girl named Kanako appears on your doorstep. She claims to be a vampire who needs to drink your blood... what's an easygoing guy like you to do?
  • "The Telephone Scandal" - You call a dating service and you get two choices, either schoolgirl or office girls. Whichever you choose, the encounter will be most unforgettable...
  • "Armored Fighter Gyleban" - You are the superhero Armored Fighter Gyleban. Your trusty assistant Ikumi is kidnapped by the vicious villainess Maya. Can you save Ikumi? More importantly, can you get into any of the girls' pants?
DOR is a semi-interactive visual novel containing three unique short stories. It actually reminded me of the bishoujo game "Viper M1", except that it didn't have Viper M1's multiple endings and animation sequences.

The first scenario, "Kanako's Depression", is pretty straightforward. You're a regular guy, she's a vampiric girl... and it's in your best interest to get her to have sex with you in exchange for letting her drink your blood and turning you into a vampire. You get the usual choices of what to do, but the options don't really seem to affect how the story is going to turn out. I found myself clicking on all the choices repeatedly until they'd change, and it was only then that I could progress with the story. The second scenario is "The Telephone Scandal", which is composed of two stories -- "Schoolgirl" and "Office Girls". In "Schoolgirl", you call a telephone dating service and end up with a girl from your class. In "Office Girls", you end up with two more mature ladies. Either way the main point is to date the girls and eventually get laid. Again, things were rather linear and I was able to get the endings without a hitch. The third and last scenario, "Armored Fighter Gyleban" reminded me of Viper M1's "My Mothers". "Armored Fighter Gyleban" is mainly about a superhero's comical misadventures, so I didn't take it seriously from the start. My mistake though, because I ended up dying with the words "Game Over" plastered across my screen. A certain sequence of choices is required in the showdown with Maya, but after that one failed attempt I was able to finish the scenario as well.

Each scenario is about ten minutes or so in length, and I was actually able to finish the whole game during my lunch break in the office. There's nearly zero replay value since the stories are very short and linear, with the exception of "Armored Fighter Gyleban" wherein you can actually die if you make the wrong choices. I found the stories to be amusing, although far from being memorable fare.

DOR's artwork is quite good, although the CG renditions do appear rather dated-looking. The character designs are beautiful, and some of the scenes are slightly animated by way of blinking eyes and moving lips. Sex isn't portrayed too graphically. The most you'll see is female nudity consisting of breast shots, and what little you'll see of the lower genital areas are covered with mosaics.

DOR is an interesting title, albeit that's probably one of the few things that it has going for it. It's not a bad game, just too short and simple for my tastes.

Extra features include a flashback CG gallery and an opening gallery.

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3 out of 5 stars
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3 out of 5 stars
Action, Fantasy, Romance,
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