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Come See Me Tonight 2
Reviewer: Rowena Lim Lei 10/22/2004

You are Kensuke Tsukikage, a teenage boy who is next-in-line for chief priesthood of the Tsukikage Shrine. Although you haven't really made up your mind about taking over the position, you're continually being trained to be able to do so. This year though, there is a catch. Four shrine maiden princess candidates are taken in by the Tsukikage Shrine, and you are the one who's going to choose who the next shrine maiden princess is going to be. The shrine maiden princess will be your partner in the upcoming Harvest Festival's ceremonial dance, but more importantly, she will subsequently become your wife...

I found the first Come See Me Tonight to be mostly an incestuous cookfest which was somewhat interesting at best, and so I really didn't expect too much out of the sequel. The good news is, none of the girls are related to your character by blood this time around. The bad news is, like its predecessor, Come See Me Tonight 2 left me feeling very indifferent. I really couldn't care less about the generic characters and their similarly structured storylines.

Come See Me Tonight 2 has four girls for you to pursue: Nanao, your "big sister" type childhood friend who's head is always up in the clouds; Sheena, another childhood friend who's feisty and rather immature; Koruri, a mild-mannered shrine maiden trainee from another town; and Minami, your late uncle's sexy wife, who's also the current shrine maiden princess. Going through the game is a breeze. You can easily get all the endings in one sitting, since all it takes to focus on a girl is to pick her every time the character selection screen appears. Completing all the CGs is a no-brainer as well, just make sure to pick the option which would lead to a sex scene whenever you are with your girl. After getting all the endings and CGs, you can start the game again and access the harem route, where your indecisiveness leads you to a lust-filled life with all the available girls.

Come See Me Tonight 2's main flaw is not that it's too easy, but the fact that the girls' paths are repetitious -- following a single formula over and over till it's about as used as a worn-out rag. You focus on a girl, you get the girl, some insecurity on her part arises, there is a slight and somewhat shallow emotional conflict, you resolve it, and voila... a typical and commonplace happy ending. Rinse and repeat four times.

If there's one aspect that this installment is superior to the original, it's the artwork. Character designs and CG scenes have greatly improved -- the girls are prettier and everything is a lot smoother and more refined. What I didn't appreciate was Kensuke's girly-boy look. I could swear that he came off more feminine than the girls themselves. Sex is depicted explicitly, although as it was in Come See Me Tonight 1, the male organ is invisible in some of the scenes.

Come See Me Tonight 2 is not bad, just dull, bland, and boring after the first run. At least it didn't drag on for too long, and I've actually played through a lot worse. On the other hand, it's a light and amusing sex trip that's better rendered than the first game. Perfect for shrine maiden fetishists and bishoujo game neophtyes, but not really all that suited for more jaded and challenge-driven gamers.

Extra features include the usual CG gallery, sex scene gallery, and midi gallery.

Come See Me Tonight 2
Come See Me Tonight 2
Come See Me Tonight 2
Come See Me Tonight 2
Come See Me Tonight 2
Come See Me Tonight 2
Come See Me Tonight 2
Come See Me Tonight 2
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Review Title:
Come See Me Tonight 2
Alternative Titles:
Watashi ni Konya Ai ni Kite 2 ~Oyome-san wa Hime Miko~
Approximate Length:
10-30 Hours
Suitable For:
Adults Only
General Rating:
3 out of 5 stars
Hentai Rating:
3 out of 5 stars
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