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Come See Me Tonight 1
Reviewer: Rowena Lim Lei 10/17/2003

You are a teenage boy named Ryoichi Sakaki. You come home one day to an empty house, with just an envelope full of money and a note from your parents saying they are off to pursue their dreams... leaving you on your own. Your mom's sister Aunt Chidori takes you in, but you have to work at her restaurant Toki in exchange. Chidori hopes that you'll decide to marry one of her three cute daughters and take over Toki someday. Your future is now in your hands!

Perusing the lovely cover artwork and reading the synopsis, I had somewhat high expectations for Come See Me Tonight. I played through it and got all the girls' endings, but somehow I'm left in a rather awkward spot. I liked the pace and the polished visuals, but overall the game just left me feeling very indifferent. It got to a point that I'd totally forget a girl's ending a short while after I had finished with her.

Come See Me Tonight is a straightforward decision-driven visual novel with five girls you can end up with. What's disturbing about it is that four out of five of these ladies are related to your character by blood. There's Chidori, your mother's sister. You spend a lot of time mulling about how much she resembles your mother in the game, and somehow I can't really imagine anyone getting turned on by somebody who looks like their parent. Then there are her three daughters, all of which are your first cousins -- the sweet and kind Misago, the feisty Tsugumi, and the childish Kobato. The only potential girlfriend who's not your kin is Hina, a shy trainee at Toki. I find the characterization generally very clichéd, from the horny widow to the bratty lolicon to the hot-tempered tomboy. Since the story is set in a restaurant, cooking and food are described in great detail and at times it's almost like watching a cooking show. I guess the game's title is derived from the fact that most of the romancing takes place at night after the restaurant closes.

Come See Me Tonight is a very easy game, so easy that it's always glaringly obvious which option you should pick if you want to get a good ending with any of the girls. I had to deliberately choose the most insensitive and uncaring decisions just to see if a bad ending was possible. I'd say getting the bad ending was far more difficult than getting the good endings. After you complete all the girls' endings you'll be able to access the harem route, which allows you to end up with multiple partners instead of just one.

Visually speaking, Come See Me Tonight is excellent. Character designs are beautiful and the CGs are all very smoothly rendered. Sex is portrayed graphically, although the male organ is invisible in some of the scenes. I also noticed that almost all of the CGs are sexual in nature, unlike other bishoujo games which also feature special non-sexual scenes.

Outrightly incestuous relationships aside, there's something not quite right with Come See Me Tonight that I can't put my finger on. Somehow I found the stories to be unaffecting, such that I couldn't really care less about what was going to happen. I couldn't tell if it was the plotlines or the characterizations, or maybe both. It's not a bad game per se, but if incest isn't your kind of scene I suggest you forget about it altogether.

Extra features include a CG gallery, a sex scene gallery, and a jukebox featuring music from the game.

Come See Me Tonight 1
Come See Me Tonight 1
Come See Me Tonight 1
Come See Me Tonight 1
Come See Me Tonight 1
Come See Me Tonight 1
Come See Me Tonight 1
Come See Me Tonight 1
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Review Title:
Come See Me Tonight 1
Alternative Titles:
Watashi ni Konya Ai ni Kite
Approximate Length:
10-30 Hours
Suitable For:
Adults Only
General Rating:
3 out of 5 stars
Hentai Rating:
3 out of 5 stars
Romance, Incest, Lolita,
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