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Amy's Fantasies
Reviewer: Rowena Lim Lei 12/17/2001

Emi is a high school student who daydreams way too much. As a result, she's constantly bumping into people and objects... but that doesn't change the fact that she's pretty and popular on campus. Emi's father had died some time ago, leaving Emi and her adopted brother Tomomi on their own. But there is a problem -- Emi's father had left a huge debt which must be repaid at all costs, and Tomomi seems to have disappeared without a trace!
Amy's Fantasies is a visual novel where you are given options to click on in order to advance in the story. The game is divided into three parts which showcase what could very well be the top three fantasy female character types -- schoolgirls, nurses, and maids.
In Story 1, Emi and her adopted brother Tomomi are introduced. At first everything is fine for the two -- they live in a nice house, go to a good school... it would seem that even with their father gone, things are working out pretty well. But in the latter half of Story 1, the main dilemma arises -- Emi's father's debt. Emi and Tomomi are suddenly in danger of losing their house and getting kicked out of school for failure to pay the tuition. The plot veers towards a darker path, away from the light and sunshine-y introduction that we had been treated to. Suddenly, Emi is asked to make certain sacrifices... and a lot of kinky things ensue. Emi is subsequently gang-raped by the principal and a group of horny male students, and by the end of Story 1, Emi is completely de-virginized and Tomomi is missing. Story 2 chronicles Emi's adventures as a nurse in a hospital as she tries to find clues that could help her track down Tomomi. Story 3 has Emi playing the role of a maid in a posh mansion where she eventually finds Tomomi.
Each story uses the same cast of characters, having them play different roles with the exception of Emi. Emi is just Emi all throughout, the determined-yet-pitiful heroine of this sordid tale. Overall, I had mixed feelings about Amy's Fantasies. Half the time I felt sorry for Emi, and half the time I felt like strangling her. She goes through some very traumatic sexual experiences, but then she also enjoys herself eventually. In between the stories are humorous dialogues between the cast members, and these keep the mood from getting too serious.
The artwork is excellent, especially when the characters' faces are shown up close. There is a bit of animation as well -- blinking eyes, moving fingers, etc. Sex is depicted quite graphically, but the male organ is rendered invisibly at times. Amy's Fantasies is a click-and-click game that's along the lines of "Fatal Relations" and "Return to Paradise Heights" -- it's totally linear, and there's absolutely no brainwork involved in finishing the game. To its credit though, the plot is engrossing enough to make you want to see what happens next. Replay value is practically nil, as there are neither path variations nor multiple endings to work on. I finished the game in one sitting, and it took approximately a couple of hours. Personally, I think Amy's Fantasies would have worked better as an anime rather than a game due to its involving plot but lack of any real gaming elements.
After you finish all three stories, the extra options are unlocked -- featuring a forbidden room (a cg gallery with all the sex scenes) and a music room (a midi jukebox with all the game music).

Amy's Fantasies
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Review Title:
Amy's Fantasies
Alternative Titles:
Amy to Yobanaide
Approximate Length:
5-10 Hours
Suitable For:
Adults Only
General Rating:
3.5 out of 5 stars
Hentai Rating:
3.5 out of 5 stars
Comedy, Romance, Incest,
Rape, Yuri
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