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You're Under Arrest!
Reviewer: Rowena Lim Lei 12/31/1999

You're Under Arrest is about two female cops on the Tokyo Highway Patrol. When the free-spirited Natsumi is assigned to be Miyuki's partner, she's anything but thrilled. After all, Miyuki did catch Natsumi speeding on her way to work... and Miyuki just seems to be too by-the-book. Natsumi and Miyuki eventually work around their differences and decide to stick with each other. Together, they find adventure on the streets (and sidestreets) of Tokyo...

You're Under Arrest is a four-episode OAV series which is character-driven for most part. It depicts the life and times of two officers of the Tokyo Highway Patrol, Natsumi Tsujimoto and Miyuki Kobayakawa. Personality-wise, they are exact opposites. Natsumi is blunt and open about her feelings, while Miyuki is soft-spoken and reserved. What's good about this series is that it shows us how two very different people can work together and build a great friendship.

You're Under Arrest is exquisitely drawn and animated. Fine details can be seen on the vehicles, surroundings, and on the characters themselves. It could have been better if it had a more solid plot or more interesting episodes though. I find the overall effect to be a bit too "loose", I had no idea what to look forward to after each installment. The adventures that they do embark on just seem so trivial and boring. The supposed comedic aspects aren't all that funny, and the shallowness of the "cases" they work on doesn't inspire much enthusiasm. I probably would have given this a lower rating had it not been for the exceptional art and animation. On a more positive note, the English dubbing is quite nicely done. The OAV series is only four episodes long but You're Under Arrest continues on in print and on TV.

This series was created by Kousuke Fujishima, the same person behind "Oh My Goddess".

You're Under Arrest!
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Review Title:
You're Under Arrest!
Alternative Titles:
Taiho Shichauzo
120 Minutes
General Rating:
2.5 out of 5 stars
Suitable For:
Older Children
Action, Comedy, Police
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