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Wedding Peach
Reviewer: Rowena Lim Lei 10/14/2000

Momoko Hanasaki is just your regular teenage girl. She struggles in school, has crushes on cute guys, and likes having fun. Momoko's life changes when she and her friends are "drafted" by the goddess Aphrodite to become angels of love. And so Momoko becomes the ultimate angel of love, Wedding Peach, assisted by her friends Yuri and Hinagiku who are Angels Lily and Daisy respectively. The angels are to fight the forces of evil, and keep them from getting their hands on the mystical symbols of love that had been scattered on earth. But there is more to the whole tale than Momoko is aware of. Could all this also have something to do with her mother's disappearance a long time ago?

Wedding Peach is a lot like the incredibly popular Sailormoon. You have pretty teen schoolgirls who can turn into magical angels of love. Like the sailor soldiers, they too have elaborate transformation and attack sequences. They also have intro lines like "I am Wedding Peach, the beautiful angel of love... yada yada...". However, their transformations do have a twist. Before they assume their angel warrior forms, they change into clunky wedding gowns first. I read somewhere that the reason they pass through the wedding gown stage is because love has to build up before they can tap into its power fully. The girls also have a cutesy sidekick creature named Jamappi.

Every episode has its own monster of the day, and the plot is advanced slowly alongside these encounters. Each major character has his/her own solid subplot and background, something the Sailormoon anime wasn't able to provide much of. This gives more depth to the Wedding Peach characters, but then there are only four angels of love, as compared to Sailormoon's thirteen sailor soldiers.

The art and animation are good, and I'm positive that the people who worked on the Sailormoon anime also worked on Wedding Peach. Characters are drawn beautifully, and the quality remains consistent throughout the series. The transformations and attacks could use more fluidity though. Like Sailormoon, transformations and attacks get long-winded and tedious. You just want to skip them after watching their entirety a few times.

To sum it up, Wedding Peach is an average anime. Despite the lack of originality, I did find it to be quite an amusing experience.

Sailormoon was created before Wedding Peach. An SM rip-off or not? You decide.

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Review Title:
Wedding Peach
Alternative Titles:
Legend of the Angel of Love
1275 Minutes
General Rating:
3 out of 5 stars
Suitable For:
Adventure, Comedy, Magic,
Romance, Shoujo
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