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Voogie's Angel
Reviewer: Rowena Lim Lei 12/31/1999

It is the year 2020. Earth has been taken over by a mysterious alien life form, and what's left of humanity is forced to take refuge under the sea... living in "Aqua-bases". A century later, these last remaining earthlings come up with five bio-mechanically engineered female soldiers to help them reclaim the world they once had. These five are man's last hope for salvation... and they are called Voogie's Angel.

They're pretty and they're oh-so-sexy... but while Voogie, Midi, Rebecca, Shiori, and Merrybell may seem like nothing more but a bevy of beauties, what you see isn't necessarily what you get. These five make up Voogie's Angel, a group of female cyborgs who just happen to be man's last hope for reclaiming the Earth from alien control.

Voogie's Angel starts off with a brief account of the situation -- what happened to the world in the year 2020 and a bit after. Things are looking bleak for humans, who've been forced to live underwater in the last hundred years. Enter Voogie's Angel, the team who will hopefully change mankind's plight. The girls operate under the supervision of their creator Dr. Crimt. They are constantly guided by Midi (who seems to be Crimt's right hand) as well.

I had a hard time watching Voogie's Angel. This is mainly because I was too cheap to spring for anything but the English dubbed version. The voices aren't bad; in fact some of them actually fit the characters. The problem is, some of the dialogues are hard to understand (despite having the volume all the way up) because at times the characters are either screaming or murmuring their lines. I'm certain I would have enjoyed this title more had I watched it subtitled. The original Japanese version is star-studded. Aya Hisakawa (also Sailormercury in the ever-popular "Sailormoon") plays the lead role of the team leader Voogie, Kotono Mitsuishi (Sailormoon herself... also Juri in "Revolutionary Girl Utena") is the spunky Rebecca, Kikuko Inoue (also Belldandy in "Oh My Goddess!") is the demure Shiori, and Sakura Tange (Sakura in "Cardcaptor Sakura") is the enigmatic Midi. Fortunately, the original theme songs sung by the cast have all been retained. Thus I was still able to experience a small part of these great seiyuus' performance.

Of the three episodes that comprise this OAV series, I liked the third one best. Amidst a critical situation, it is revealed that the girls actually had past lives prior to becoming cyborgs. It was very interesting, as well as a bit saddening, to witness how they had lived. Each one (except for Midi) had her own traumatic experience(s), and it is from these uncovered memories and their bond of friendship (how typical!) that the girls consequently draw the strength to face their final foe.

The art and animation are quite good, especially where the action sequences are concerned. It is not surprising however, as Voogie's Angel is directed by Masami Obari, the same guy behind the Fatal Fury anime. There's also a lot of fan service in the form of bouncing boobs and legs that seem to go on forever. Lack of backgrounders and plot / character resolutions make Voogie's Angel a rather poorly developed series though, something I'd recommend only if your sole purpose is to look at pretty girls in action.

All three eps come in a single DVD.

Voogie's Angel
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Review Title:
Voogie's Angel
Alternative Titles:
Dennou Sentai Voogie`s Angel
90 Minutes
General Rating:
3 out of 5 stars
Suitable For:
Adventure, Comedy, Mecha
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