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Urusei Yatsura Movie 2: Beautiful Dreamer
Reviewer: Rowena Lim Lei 12/31/1999

Lum is an alien princess who's in love with Ataru Moroboshi - a lecherous teenager who wants to get his hands on just about every pretty girl he comes across. Excitement is in the air as students of Tomobiki High prepare for the School Festival. Problem is, they find themselves repeating "the day before the school festival" again and again. When they realize what's happening, they try to find a way out of the situation. But somehow, it seems that time, space, reality, and fantasy have all entangled... and the whole gang is trapped in the middle of it.

Urusei Yatsura the Movie 2 is supposed to be a good one. The plot is intelligent and original enough, but there is something very wrong with the execution.

For one thing, the pacing is really bad. Things develop at a crawl, and I had to struggle not to stop the video and just forget about it. Instead, I forced myself to sit through it and hoped that things would get better. What's more, this has absolutely none of Ms. Rumiko Takahashi's trademark wit and humor, as she didn't write the material for Urusei Yatsura the Movie 2. Everything is incoherent and hard to digest. It gets a bit interesting in the later parts, but it's not enough to salvage the movie as a whole. Urusei Yatsura the Movie 2 tries to exude a deep philosophical feel, but a lot of what's happening is so silly and nonsensical that it just doesn't work.

The art and animation are average at best. At least somewhere along the way, Urusei Yatsura the Movie 2 re-enacts the original story of how Lum came to earth and met Ataru. In all fairness though, there are some profound concepts in the movie. Oh, was this a comedy? I don't remember laughing... in fact, I felt depressed having wasted so much money on the laser disc copy that I still have. Watching this farce is enough to turn you off the whole UY series.

The manga and TV versions are a lot better than this movie.

Urusei Yatsura Movie 2: Beautiful Dreamer
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Review Title:
Urusei Yatsura Movie 2: Beautiful Dreamer
95 Minutes
General Rating:
1 out of 5 stars
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