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Tenchi Muyo! Movie 2: Daughter of Darkness
Reviewer: Rowena Lim Lei 12/31/1999

One fine day, a pretty girl walks up to Tenchi and calls him "daddy". She introduces herself as Mayuka. Much to Ryoko and Ayeka's dismay, a DNA hair strand test done by Washu indicates that it is very likely that Mayuka really IS his daughter. But why does Tenchi's "daughter" have no memory of a mother? And what has all this got to do with Tenchi's grandfather, Yosho? Tenchi has to find out the truth... and fast!

Though not as cinematically grandiose as Tenchi the Movie 1, Tenchi the Movie 2 possesses enough good points of its own to make it worth checking out.

A cute teenage girl named Mayuka appears seemingly out of nowhere, and claims that she is Tenchi's daughter. This, of course, greatly infuriates Tenchi's avid admirers Ryoko and Aeka -- especially as Mayuka has no recollection of a mother. The plot unfolds at a good pace, so there is never a dull moment. Mayuka is a refreshing character. Her genuine innocence in the midst of a complicated situation makes her very easy to like, despite her shady background. There's also the usual dose of Tenchi action and drama, plus sexy humor scattered about (like Mayuka expressing her love for Tenchi by taking a bath with him). There's nothing really explicit though, and things are naughty at best.

The art and animation are nicely done. Everything is colorful and vividly drawn. The English dubbing is okay, again, if you can stand the raspy and whiney old woman voice they use for Aeka and the overly brash, unfeminine voice they use for Ryoko. The original Japanese version features popular seiyuu such as Ai Orikasa (also Quatre in "Gundam Wing") as Ryoko, Junko Iwao (also Ceres in "Ayashi no Ceres") as Mayuka, and Chisa Yokoyama (also Sakura in "Sakura Wars") as Sasami. TM2 is okay even for those who have little or no prior Tenchi experience. The storyline is easy to follow, and it can very well stand alone as a singular anime feature.

To sum it up, TM2 is fun and uncomplicated -- a treat for Tenchi fans and non-fans alike.

TM2 is only an hour long. It feels more like an OAV ep rather than a movie. The real Japanese title is "Manatsu no Eve" or "Midsummer Night's Eve".

Tenchi Muyo! Movie 2: Daughter of Darkness
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Review Title:
Tenchi Muyo! Movie 2: Daughter of Darkness
Alternative Titles:
Tenchi Muyo! Manatsu no Eve
60 Minutes
General Rating:
4 out of 5 stars
Suitable For:
Adventure, Comedy, Drama,
Fantasy, Romance, Sci-Fi,
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