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Tekken: The Motion Picture
Reviewer: Rowena Lim Lei 12/22/2009

When Jun Kazama was a child, she witnessed a man push a young boy off a high cliff (Kazuya and Heihachi). She never forgot what she saw, and she remains disturbed by it to this day. Jun is now an investigator. She is assigned to check out Heihachi Mishima's operation by posing as a contestant in an annual fighting competition he hosts -- the Tekken Tournament. Meanwhile, Kazuya had survived the cliff incident and has now grown into a bitter and vengeful young man. Kazuya vows that he will kill his father Heihachi for what he did back then. Will Kazuya's bitterness get the best of him? What will happen when he and Jun meet again?

Since I love the Tekken video games, I had to check out this anime. The plot is very clear throughout, although a bit over-simplistic. It answered a question that's been in my mind for a long time -- how on earth did Jun and Kazuya end up with a son in Tekken 3 the video game? This explains it all and gives some background info on a few other characters as well.

While the story is mainly focused on Jun and Kazuya, majority of the game characters show up at one time or another for appearance's sake. The art and animation are nothing spectacular. The characters don't look their best and the fighting scenes are neither as sensational nor impactful as they are in the game(s). I was quite disappointed by the overall anime treatment. Fans of the game will probably find this more interesting than those who've never played any Tekken, if only for the character backgrounds. The English dubbing is okay, and most of the songs and music used are performed by American rock bands.

As a stand-alone anime feature, Tekken the Motion Picture is a so-so title. It's worth a lower rating -- around 1.5 stars -- if you're totally unfamiliar with the game(s).

Michelle Chang looks hideous in the anime, and Kazuya looks like someone out of Dragonball Z.

Tekken: The Motion Picture
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Review Title:
Tekken: The Motion Picture
Alternative Titles:
The King Of Iron Fist Tournament The Movie
60 Minutes
General Rating:
2 out of 5 stars
Suitable For:
Action, Adventure, Game,
Martial Arts, Shounen
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