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Street Fighter II V
Reviewer: Rowena Lim Lei 06/11/2000

Ken and Ryu are best friends who want to become the world's best fighters. To further develop and refine their individual fighting styles, the two embark on a journey that spans several countries. This way, they meet new people and see various techniques. Of course, a little sightseeing on the side never really hurt anyone... until they stumble on a dark and mysterious organization headed called Shadowloo. Caught in the middle of a worldwide conspiracy, Ken and Ryu must ultimately face the most powerful fighter on earth -- the diabolical M. Bison.

Street Fighter II V chronicles the adventures of Ken and Ryu during their teenage years. Chun-li plays a sizable role too. She starts out as the guys' tour guide in Hong Kong and soon becomes Ken's love interest of sorts. Chun-li also becomes the target of other SF villains, like Vega and M. Bison.

SF2V's storyline and character backgrounds differ from its game counterparts. The fighters seem to possess more realistic personalities in SF2V. They are more down-to-earth and human. You don't really need any SF gaming experience to appreciate this anime. The plot is solid enough to work independently. As to be expected, there's a lot of fighting action. From bar brawls to death matches, blood is spilled and bones are broken.

The art and animation are very good. Ken Masters looks dreamy, and the female fighters have never been more alluring. The matches are choreographed well and the action really goes all out. You'll see familiar moves if you're an SF gamer. There's a little game we like to play every episode -- "Spot Gouki/Akuma". If you watch the scenes closely, you'll see cameo appearances of Gouki/Akuma! You'll see him in airports, restaurants, crowds, etc. It's quite amusing. The English dubbing is okay, except for the pronunciations of some of the attacks. This is definitely one of the better fighting game anime around.

Ken and Chun-li make a cute couple.

Street Fighter II V
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Review Title:
Street Fighter II V
725 Minutes
General Rating:
3.5 out of 5 stars
Suitable For:
Adventure, Mystery, Shounen
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