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Strawberry Eggs
Reviewer: Rowena Lim Lei 12/19/2009

Hibiki Amawa needs a job desperately. His landlady tends to shoot tenants who can't pay, and she's already taken his pet dog as hostage. Hibiki's not worried though, because he's pretty sure can get a job teaching athletics at the posh high school nearby. But when Hibiki tries applying there, he finds out that they don't hire male teachers! Hibiki's landlady decides to help Hibiki assume the role of a woman... and so Hibiki's teaching career begins...

To put it bluntly, I My Me! Strawberry Eggs is about a male teacher who cross-dresses in order to teach in a school run by feminists with twisted views on men. What begins as something to be done for the money turns into a personal challenge for Hibiki. He's out to prove to the school administrators that a man can be just as good a teacher as a woman... if not even better.

As expected, each episode more or less deals with Hibiki's adventures as a female athletics teacher. Things go pretty smoothly, and it's almost as if the female teacher Hibiki was the real Hibiki. But soon, Hibiki's unconventional teaching methods garner the suspicions of the vice-principal... while Hibiki finds himself getting more and more attracted to one of his female students, Fuuko Kuzuha. The vice-principal wastes no time in trying to prove that Hibiki is a man, and Fuuko gradually develops feelings for the female teacher Hibiki.

I could not imagine how I My Me! Strawberry Eggs was going to end. Despite the comical situations that would pop up, a happy ending seemed out of the question because I knew that there was an impending moment of truth. I couldn't stop watching until I got to the last episode... and although I was kind of sad at the final outcome, I felt uplifted at the same time.

Since I My Me! Strawberry Eggs is from the same people behind "Hand Maid May", it has the same exceptional visual quality and beautiful character designs. There's also fan service that consists mostly of Fuuko's panties (since Fuuko is a clumsy girl, she trips and exposes her panties a lot). I should also mention that Hibiki Amawa looks great as both his male and female self.

Perhaps my only gripes about I My Me! Strawberry Eggs are: a. Hibiki's landlady is capable of anything (I'm not exagerrating when I say anything), which makes things very convenient for Hibiki; and b. Fuuko is just too young for Hibiki. Those aside though I My Me! Strawberry Eggs is a funny and heart-warming series, one of the few that left me with a lumpy throat and teary eyes.

This series is 13 episodes long, and it doesn't have anything to do with strawberries or eggs.

Strawberry Eggs
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Review Title:
Strawberry Eggs
Alternative Titles:
I, My, Me! Strawberry Eggs
325 Minutes
General Rating:
4.5 out of 5 stars
Suitable For:
Comedy, Drama, Romance,
School, Slice of Life, Sports
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