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Sol Bianca: The Legacy
Reviewer: Rowena Lim Lei 12/31/1999

Far into the future, tales of splendor are about all that remain of the planet Earth. Man now roams outer space freely, and most have never seen the mother planet for themselves. Artifacts from Earth have the greatest value in the universe however, and this beckons the beautiful female pirates of the ship Sol Bianca to go and find their fortunes...
Five young women are brought together by a magnificent ship called the Sol Bianca, a ship that's supposed to have been made during the Earth's technological peak. There's April, the group's leader. She is spurred on by dreams of total freedom, of being able to live by doing as one pleases. It is with this prospect that she calls on the others to join her -- Jani, the weapons expert who is always mistaken for a man; Jun, whose skill with computers is unparalleled; and Feb, who has a penchant for alcoholic drinks. These four are soon joined by the little girl Mayo, whose only concern is to find her parents whom she believes are on Earth. Together they travel through space, searching for valuable booty... searching for answers.
Sol Bianca: The Legacy consists of six episodes. Each one is action-packed and fairly self-contained, as you can expect from a pirate-themed series. In one ep, the girls fight to recover an antique gun that is April's last remembrance from her aunt and acquire other valuables in the process. In another ep, a terrorist captures the Sol Bianca and three members of the crew. There is a consistent antagonist though; it's just that his name always escapes me. He's after April's gun, Sol Bianca, and Feb but his reasons are not clearly explained. Various literary references abound as well, ranging from Biblical passages to verses from Dante's Divine Comedy.
While there seems to be a lot going on in the series, I always felt that I was missing a lot. I don't know if it's because I watched the English dubbed version and they may have modified the dialogues, or if it's because the series is really half-baked. They gave April a love interest of sorts, but it seemed like it was just thrown in for the sake of having one. Feb seems to have some kind of relationship with the antagonist, but it's also unexplained... they're just extremely familiar with each other for no apparent reason. Jun is innately connected to the Sol Bianca, to the extent that her soul can merge with the ship -- but we never know why or how that happened either. The Sol Bianca can even produce a huge goddess-like manifestation that can destroy legions of enemies, something which I found to be quite incredulous (albeit an awesome sight to behold). Was that a product of technology too? I don't know. A severe lack of background information seems to plague this series.
The art and animation are excellent. Lush character designs, state-of-the-art computer imagery, and impressive action sequences make up the series. The soundtrack is noteworthy as well -- a mix of rock and alternative. I especially liked the opening theme "To Be Free", which is sung in English. It kind of sums up the overall mood and direction of the series. The English dubbing is very good. All the voices suit the characters perfectly, and there were no inaudible or hard-to-understand deliveries.
Sol Bianca: The Legacy is overall an above average series. You can actually just take everything at face value, ignore the little loopholes, and have a pretty enjoyable experience. Just don't say I didn't warn you...
Although only a mere six episodes long, the DVD and VHS releases span three separate volumes -- making it a rather costly series to own.

Sol Bianca: The Legacy
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Sol Bianca: The Legacy
180 Minutes
General Rating:
3 out of 5 stars
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Adventure, Mecha, Sci-Fi,
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