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Slayers: The Motion Picture
Reviewer: Rowena Lim Lei 12/31/1999

Sorceress extraordinaire Lina Inverse gets dragged off by her over-endowed associate Nahga to a hot springs resort in Mipross. Shrouded in mists, Mipross has always presented a mystery to visitors and inhabitants alike. As Lina and Nahga get ready to enjoy themselves, weird things happen and equally weird people show up. Who's the man frequenting Lina's dreams and how is he connected to the mystery of Mipross? Seems like a job for the Slayers... but only if there's a reward involved!
This is the first dose of Slayers I've ever gotten, so I had absolutely no background on the series when I viewed this.
The good part is, I was able to get into it easily. This movie can definitely stand on its own. The plot is okay, it has enough happening to pique some level of interest. More importantly, it doesn't spread itself too thin. It's a little more than an hour long, which is rather short for a movie. But as you'll see, the length keeps things nice and tight.
The characters are very amusing and well-designed. Lina Inverse just rocks! She is an adept sorceress, but suffers from insecurities regarding her breast size. Meanwhile, Nahga is physically endowed, but is quite lacking in the sorcery department. These two complement each other, and their tandem isn't half bad.
The art and animation border on the cutesy side, and don't really strike one as anything impressive or special. The English dubbing is okay in some parts, the main problem being Lina's voice actress. She sounds whiney and downright irritating at times. The DVD version has bonuses like character bios, slides, and trailers to enrich your overall Slayers experience. Although a somewhat entertaining trip, this movie pales in comparison to the TV series.
Slayers has pretty wide coverage. It's available as a TV series, OAV series, and it's very popular.

Slayers: The Motion Picture
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Review Title:
Slayers: The Motion Picture
Alternative Titles:
Slayers Perfect
65 Minutes
General Rating:
3 out of 5 stars
Suitable For:
Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy,
Magic, Supernatural
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