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Slayers Book of Spells
Reviewer: Rowena Lim Lei 11/20/2001

Slayers: Book of Spells features three OAV episodes:
  • Episode 1: Diol, a mad alchemist, literally wants Lina Inverse's head as the crowning glory of his monstrous creation -- a chimera. Lina is enraged by Diol's proposal and violently objects. But Diol creates ten Nahga clones to help him capture Lina -- with mixed results!
  • Episode 2: Lina and Nahga are commissioned by a doting mother to train her son Jeffrey in the ways of knighthood. The two ladies soon find themselves amidst a complicated family situation -- but everything's fine as long as nobody says anything bad about mom's beloved son.
  • Episode 3: Lina and Nahga are hired to go after a magic-user who has stolen an important artifact -- the Shadow Reflector. The Shadow Reflector can create an exact replica (or shadow) of any person, with all his / her skills and experience but with an exact opposite personality. You can just imagine the outrageous results when the artifact is ultimately used on Lina and Nahga!
Slayers: Book of Spells compiles two separate VHS releases of the Slayers OAVs -- Slayers: Dragon Slave (1st two eps) and Slayers: Explosion Array (3rd ep) -- into one DVD. It chronicles the further adventures of Lina and Nahga, so you won't be seeing TV series faves like Gourry, Amelia, or Zelgadiss.
Frankly, I wasn't expecting much out of Slayers: Book of Spells. I've already seen two Lina-Nahga movies (namely "Slayers: The Motion Picture" and "Slayers Return") and they didn't exactly impress me. The good news is, this OAV compilation is somewhat better than those movies.
The first episode is pretty funny -- the whole idea of ten Nahga clones is just plain wacko! It's not going to make you roll over the floor in throes of laughter but it's very amusing... albeit Nahga's trademark laugh may drive you crazy during the episode's run. I wasn't too happy with the second episode, however. The psychotic "extremely loving mother" bit got stale fast, and I dozed off somewhere between the middle part and the ending. Book of Spells' final hurrah, the third episode, is noteworthy. Lina and Nahga's shadows are a hoot, and things are lively enough to keep you awake and watching.
The art and animation are okay. Lina and Nahga look like their usual selves to say the least, and I didn't notice anything amiss visually. Slayers: Book of Spells is a decent collection, but still not quite up to par with the TV series.

Slayers Book of Spells
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Review Title:
Slayers Book of Spells
Alternative Titles:
Slayers Special
90 Minutes
General Rating:
3.5 out of 5 stars
Suitable For:
Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy,
Magic, Supernatural
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