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SiN The Movie
Reviewer: Rowena Lim Lei 12/21/2009

It's the 21st century. Crime is rampant and an elite police force known as the Hardcorps is the people's only defense. The cybernetically-enhanced Colonel John Blade leads the Hardcorps. On one assignment though, Blade's team-mate JC gets assimilated by a monstrous creature on a rampage. Blade and co. succeed in stopping the monster but are also forced to kill JC in the process. Mysterious kidnappings and gruesome murders suddenly plague the city... and the key to it all seems to lie with a little girl named Elyse. But the illustrious SinCorp led by the seductive Elexis Sinclaire is also after Elyse...
I had a hard time concentrating on SiN the Movie. The plot is simple enough, but the way the story jumps from one point to another makes it difficult to keep focused. It doesn't help that I watched the dubbed version either. Having subtitles to read would have made it a lot easier to follow what's going on.
SiN can be likened to a bad mix of Robocop (except that Col. John Blade isn't that robotic) and Resident Evil. The antagonist Elexis Sinclaire is a wealthy and powerful woman, with a whole business empire behind her. Conveniently enough, she's also a brilliant biochemist, and so she goes about engineering these bio-weapon-esque monstrosities for the "evolution of mankind". Don't ask me, I don't see how turning into something so hideous can represent further evolution. Anyways, Elexis is pretty deranged (as most brilliant scientists in anime go) so there's no point in trying to understand her rationale.
SiN features a lot of action and violence, and the gore factor is pretty high -- blood, guts, bones... the works! There's also no obvious effort at characterization. Blade's background is shady, much more so the supporting characters'. Some of them just pop up with no explanation. Elexis is probably the most developed character, and yet even she doesn't possess that much depth.
The art and animation are comprised of a mish-mash of 2D cel animation and 3D computer animation. The result is, well, a whole lot of scenes that don't fit very well together. Sin tries to be high-tech by switching to full 3D mode and incorporating 3D graphics in 2D scenes whenever it can. The problem is, the scene transitions are extremely awkward and only succeed in achieving a half-baked and cheesy effect for the whole film. The characters are drawn quite nicely though. The music is surprisingly very good, even if it doesn't really match what's onscreen. The English dubbing doesn't sport any major problems either. Overall, this is something I don't recommend you buy... playing Resident Evil is a million times better.
For an excellent blend of action, 2D, and 3D, see Blue Submarine No. 6 instead.

SiN The Movie
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Review Title:
SiN The Movie
50 Minutes
General Rating:
2 out of 5 stars
Suitable For:
Young Adults
Action, Horror, Police,
Sci-Fi, Supernatural
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