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Shuten Douji - The Star Hand Kid
Reviewer: Rowena Lim Lei 12/31/1999

Jiro Shutendo has always seemed a bit unusual. He lives in a nice house, goes to school, and even has a girlfriend... but somehow he still feels different from his friends and schoolmates. As Jiro looks into the mirror one day, he is shocked to find two little horns growing out of his head! It had never occurred to Jiro that he's not human at all to start with. More trouble brews as mysterious creatures suddenly kidnap Jiro's girlfriend Miyuki. When Jiro tries to save her, his true nature and supernatural powers manifest. He must now travel through time and space to discover the origin of his birth and defeat the mysterious creatures that are wreaking havoc. It's an all out battle between darkness and light, and Jiro is the ultimate warrior.
Shuten Doji is always getting classified as either hentai or something for audiences 18 and up, so I was expecting some really explicit material. There are some monster scenes and tentacles, and Miyuki's clothes are always getting torn off for no reason, but those are about it. No graphic sex that constitute real hentai titles.
The plot is very interesting, and it develops at a pretty good pace. Shuten Doji relies on Japanese folklore references for a more dramatic effect, but it doesn't do much for viewers who are unfamiliar with those references. The overall occultish feel is further enhanced by the creepy musical scoring. The art and animation are so-so -- dated-looking and nothing spectacular, with not-so-attractive character designs. I really liked the surprise twist at the last part though.
Shuten Doji is far from hentai, but you wouldn't want to show it to younger audiences either. It's altogether not a bad series, but it's not good enough to overcome its obscurity either.
Shuten Doji spans four episodes.

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Review Title:
Shuten Douji - The Star Hand Kid
Alternative Titles:
Star Demon
200 Minutes
General Rating:
3 out of 5 stars
Suitable For:
Young Adults
Horror, Supernatural
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