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Shinesman Special Duty Combat Unit
Reviewer: Rachel Taylor 12/31/1999

When Hiroya Matsumoto joined the Right Trading Company, he never thought he'd be anything more than a regular employee. But as it goes, he became the fifth member of a superhero team called the Shinesman. The Shinesman's mission is to defend the Earth against enemies from the Planet Voice. But amidst all this, Hiroya also has to look after his little brother, make a living, and do his superhero jobs clad in lame suits and equipped with equally lame weapons such as business cards! Can the Shinesman succeed?
I absolutely loved Shinesman... and I watched it dubbed too! Being a fan of subtitled anime, I was a little skeptical when I came across reviews that told me to get Shinesman's dubbed version. So I did... and I could just tell from the opening that I wasn't going to regret it.
Basically a Power Rangers spoof, Shinesman will tickle your funny bone endlessly. At some points, I was on the floor, rolling around in laughter. I showed it to my friend, who was also a bit doubtful like me (yet another supporter of subtitled anime). She loved it too! The dubbing was just phenomenal! The dub voices fit the characters to a T, plus the mouths and the words were synchronized perfectly.
Although characterization wasn't in-depth, it succeeded in developing the characters' personalities sufficiently. The art and animation are also done very well. The only thing I didn't like was the ending -- I was left with a blank screen that said "There has to be more!". Yet even though the conclusion leaves something else to be desired, this would still be a wonderful addition to anyone's anime collection.
Shinesman can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Shinesman Special Duty Combat Unit
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Review Title:
Shinesman Special Duty Combat Unit
Alternative Titles:
Tokumu Sentai Shinesman
60 Minutes
General Rating:
5 out of 5 stars
Suitable For:
Comedy, Parody, Sci-Fi
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