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Seraphim Call
Reviewer: Rowena Lim Lei 04/10/2005

Set in the year 2010, Seraphim Call is a collection of stories about eleven different girls, each with her own lot in life.
Structurally similar to Sentimental Journey, Seraphim Call is a collection of slice-of-life stories about eleven teenage girls. The episodes are not related to each other, each one is just supposed to show that there's an angel within every girl -- whatever that means.
As is the case with Sentimental Journey, each of Seraphim Call's episodes is named after its heroine. Seraphim Call is so disjointed that I can't even recall any of the girls' names off the top of my head. There's an episode about a young female scientist who faints whenever she's face-to-face with men; there's one wherein a math teacher finds a way to access a different dimension; and yet another is about a spoiled rich girl who goes around fighting evil using her daddy's resources; there are even two episodes which are tediously identical -- covering the same events but unfolding from the perspectives of twin sisters... it's a really bizarre mix, but my favorite has to be the episode about a teenage manga artist who gets a case of life imitating art and vice-versa. After all eleven girls have shared their stories, the twelfth episode brings them all together and tries -- horrendously at that -- to present something meaningful. Suddenly, all the girls just happen to know each other. They all agree to attend a special screening being held by the twin sisters, and when they all get there; some sort of special effects show is launched with everyone looking on. The end. What was up with that? Up to now, I still don't quite get it.
The art and animation are done nicely enough, with lovely character designs dominating the visuals. Each of the episodes shares the same opening song but are given different ending songs which are very specific to what the story is about. The music is typical anime soundtrack fare -- j-pop songs which range from soft and mellow to cheery and upbeat. Again, like Sentimental Journey, there is no English dub track, just English subtitles.
Seraphim Call is not bad, it's just too far out there for me to grasp. The individual stories make enough sense on their own, but the final episode throws all logic to the wind and renders the whole series ineffective in whatever message it was trying to convey. There isn't even a unifying theme, it's like they just strung together everything that came to mind and tried to pass it off as a whole. It doesn't help that the pace is on the slow side too. I don't recommend it but if you'd like to experience something strange and different, at least it's very reasonably priced.
Seraphim Call is comprised of twelve episodes, all of which are in a double-disc set.

Seraphim Call
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Review Title:
Seraphim Call
300 Minutes
General Rating:
2.5 out of 5 stars
Suitable For:
Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi
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