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Sakura Diaries
Reviewer: Rowena Lim Lei 01/10/2002

From the time of their childhood, Urara has always considered her cousin Touma as her first love. Years later, Urara is delighted to learn that Touma will be moving to Tokyo for college. The problem is, Touma doesn't remember Urara. As fate would have it, Touma winds up staying at a relative's house in Tokyo -- none other than his now cute and sexy cousin Urara! Alas, Touma has already fallen head-over-heels with a sophisticated college girl named Mieko. But Mieko would only date college guys and Touma had just succeeded in flunking every entrance exam... what's a guy to do? And in Urara's case, what's a girl to do?
Sakura Diaries is a different take on your classic love triangle. Urara is in love with her cousin Touma, but Touma wants the sophisticated college girl Mieko. The story seems simple, but the way it's presented is what's outstanding about Sakura Diaries. The characters seem like your normal set of teens but they all have an unconventional streak one way or another. Urara has uh, unique ways of "cheering up" Touma, Touma desperately wants to be honest but can't seem to stop lying to Mieko, and Mieko... well, she gives Touma positive signals but is really hiding some secrets of her own. The plot thickens, and I won't reveal any more as not to spoil it for you. Some may be offended by the incestuous nature of Urara's love for Touma... they are cousins after all. I actually dislike the characters of Sakura Diaries, but something about the series just intrigues and tittilates.
The art and animation are truly gorgeous. The art and animation are truly gorgeous. The Sakura Diaries girls look as if they were painstakingly drawn to perfection -- facially and anatomically speaking. The details are remarkable, from the delicate eyebrows to the subtle shadings of the hair and eyes. The characters' faces are very expressive as well. Touma looks like your average anime guy, but then that's the way his character is supposed to be. There is a great deal of fan service -- boob shots abound, and mature scenes (as well as bath scenes) last long and show a lot of skin. The songs and music are worth mentioning -- very pleasing to the ear, and very fitting for the series.
Sakura Diaries is an excellent anime. If you're looking for something light, sexy, and uncomplicated this could very well do it for you.
Sakura Diaries spans twelve episodes.

Sakura Diaries
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Review Title:
Sakura Diaries
Alternative Titles:
Sakura Tsuushin, Sakura Mail
350 Minutes
General Rating:
4 out of 5 stars
Suitable For:
Young Adults
Comedy, Drama, Romance,
Slice of Life
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