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Sailor Moon R Movie: Promise of the Rose
Reviewer: Rowen Lim Lei 08/16/1999

Trouble starts when an alien named Fiore suddenly appears and takes Mamoru away from Usagi. Who is Fiore in Mamoru Chiba's life? Sailormoon vows to save Mamoru and the world even if it means sacrificing her own life. Some of the secrets behind Mamoru's shadowy past are finally revealed in this movie.
Of all the Sailormoon movies, the Sailormoon R Movie is undoubtedly the best in terms of plot. It definitely lives up to the R for Romance, because what we have here is a love story on several different levels.
As any Sailormoon fan would probably know, Usagi and Mamoru are in love. Enter the mysterious alien Fiore, who loves Mamoru too... thanks to a meaningful past encounter they had. Now Fiore can't stand the thought of Usagi and Mamoru together, and so he does everything in his power to tear them apart. But Mamoru loves Usagi, and at the same time he cares deeply for Fiore...
The Sailormoon R Movie is nicely paced, action-packed, and emotionally charged. The main focus is on a love triangle composed of Mamoru, Fiore, and Usagi. The other sailor soldiers don't do much except skirmish with the Fiore's minions and provide moral support. They do, however, get way cool attack sequences. Chibi Usa gets the job of providing comic relief. Romance, passion, and friendship... all of these are present and are given perspective. The line between brotherly love and homosexual love is very thin in this movie. Fiore's obsession for Mamoru struck me as homosexual in nature (although this is debatable), while Mamoru feels for Fiore as one would for a brother. For you romantics out there, you will find what is probably Sailormoon and Tuxedo Mask's best kissing scene ever. I also found the parts about Mamoru's past rather interesting.
The art and animation are superb in quality. The music is great! I liked the way they played "Moon Revenge" to highlight the climactic part. Things do get predictable near the end, but all in all, this movie is pretty entertaining fare. Although the Sailormoon R Movie can stand on its own, fans of the Sailormoon series will definitely get more from this compared to non-fans.
Now if only the TV eps had art and animation as lovely and consistent as this... also, note that Fiore resembles the R season aliens Ail and Ann.

Sailor Moon R Movie: Promise of the Rose
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Review Title:
Sailor Moon R Movie: Promise of the Rose
Alternative Titles:
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R: The Movie
60 Minutes
General Rating:
4 out of 5 stars
Suitable For:
Drama, Magic, Romance,
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