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Psychic Force
Reviewer: Rowena Lim Lei 05/03/2003

When Burn Griffith almost runs over a young man named Keith Evans, he never expected his life to change so drastically. Keith is a Psychic, gifted with special powers that he can wield at will. Keith is being pursued by government agents who want his power, and Burn tries to help Keith as best as he can. Keith is eventually captured, but reappears some years later with a plan to liberate all Psychics from human oppression... and it involves eliminating humans in an all-out war.
Psychic Force is a two-episode anime series based on the fighting game Psychic Force 2010. Now I've never played the game, so I'll be reviewing this anime on exclusively on its own merits.
The first thing that struck me about Psychic Force was how similar the whole concept was to X-Men's longstanding humans versus mutants’ plotline. It's not very original, but I was hoping that Psychic Force would be able to take the idea further. Anyhow, Psychic Force focuses on two main characters -- Burn Griffith and Keith Evans. Now I found it really strange how such a strong bond could have developed between them since they didn't really spend a lot of time together, much less get to know each other in depth. It's like they meet, and then suddenly they are the best of friends. Keith's feelings for Burn came off as somewhat homosexual in nature though. Of course, this point is debatable but that was how I saw it. Keith would always have this irresistible urge to jump on Burn and hug him, and he never showed any interest in women.
Like most fighting game based anime, Psychic Force devotes more time to fights rather than any real plot development or characterization. Keith becomes bitter due to all the human oppression he had experienced, so he gathers his fellow psychics in order to wage war on humans and make a better world. Burn doesn't agree with Keith's methods however, despite the not-so-surprising revelation that he too is actually a psychic like Keith. This is the main conflict of the series. Everything that happens builds up to the final moment where Burn and Keith eventually face off.
The art and animation are above average. Character designs are pretty good, although the fighting action isn't really anything special. Most of the action consists of the psychics using their powers on humans, which isn't exactly all that exciting to watch since humans are powerless against them. While Burn and Keith do have a battle in the last episode, it was rather short-lived and simply consisted of punches and dodges.
Psychic Force ends with many unanswered questions. I wasn't particularly disturbed by the lack of closure because quite frankly I couldn't care less. I felt indifferent towards the characters because there just wasn't enough time to get acquainted with them. I did find Keith and Burn's relationship rather amusing though. Psychic Force is not such a bad series overall, but it certainly could have been done better.
I can only wonder if there are any more episodes.

Psychic Force
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Review Title:
Psychic Force
60 Minutes
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2.5 out of 5 stars
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