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Project A-ko
Reviewer: Rachel Taylor 12/21/2009

16 years ago, a mysterious meteor fell on Graviton City and eradicated it. Now rebuilt into a thriving metropolis, A-ko and C-ko are starting their first year at the Graviton High School for Girls. But A-ko has a secret -- for she possesses superhuman strength and speed that no ordinary girl could match. In school, A-ko and C-ko meet a spoiled rich girl named B-ko. B-ko takes an immediate liking to C-ko, and wastes no time cooking up all sorts of plans to get A-ko out of the picture. It won't be easy though, as A-ko is one tough girl! Meanwhile, aliens are attempting to invade the Earth, searching for their lost princess. The question is, who is the princess?
I fell in love with Project A-ko the moment I saw it, but it wasn't long before it kinda lost its magic. The story is basically okay. Initially, I had no idea that the Project A-ko characters parodied characters from other anime such as "Creamy Mami" and "Fist of the North Star". For a parody though, PA's serious moments outnumbered the funny ones. Things would've been better had the opposite been true. The humor also leaves something to be desired if you don't understand all the inside jokes.
Characterization is fine. A-ko's always been my favorite, B-ko didn't succeed in getting on my nerves, and C-ko's really funny. The art and animation are pretty average, and nothing really stands out. The best looking parts are probably the action scenes. There's an abundance of panty shots as well. As for the English dubbing, I was shocked after seeing both the subbed and dubbed versions. The dubbed version (in my opinion) was better than the subtitled version, and I have something of a general grudge against dubs. The dub voices fit each character perfectly. What's even more surprising is, the dubbed version had stronger language in it. The thing that made me almost faint was the subtitled version's mouth and word synchronization. There were a lot of instances where the voices and mouths did not match! All that aside though, I can still honestly say that Project A-ko is worth checking out.
I once read at that Project A-ko was supposed to be a series of movies in the tradition of hentai series like "Creamy Lemon", but the idea was dropped so more audiences could see it.

Project A-ko
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Review Title:
Project A-ko
Alternative Titles:
Project Ako
80 Minutes
General Rating:
3.5 out of 5 stars
Suitable For:
Adventure, Comedy, Mecha
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