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Pokemon: The Movie 2000
Reviewer: Rowena Lim Lei 12/31/2000

Pokemon the Movie 2000 kicks off with "Pikachu's Rescue Adventure", which involves Pikachu saving an enchanted Pokemon forest from a raging storm. The main feature, however, deals with the three legendary Pokemon -- Articuno (god of ice), Moltres (god of fire), and Zapdos (god of lightning). These three mythical creatures have been awakened and angered by an obssessed collector. Legend has it that when disturbed, the three would wreak havoc amongst themselves and eventually destroy everything in their paths. To keep the worst case scenario from happening, the final god who dwells underneath the ocean must work with "the chosen one" in putting order back to nature.
Pokemon the Movie 2000 is only the second Pokemon movie I've seen, but already it did not have enough charm or novelty to hold my interest for very long. This time, Ash and the gang are dealing with some legendary Pokemon, which in all actuality just seem like outrageously overpowered birdies on a rampage. Ash goes through the whole hero-with-a-mission drill, with everybody cheering him on as usual, and everything is okay again by the end of the movie. So what else is new?
I dozed off a couple of times while viewing Pokemon the Movie 2000, only to awaken after a while and discover that I hadn't really missed anything special. The opening feature, "Pikachu's Rescue Adventure", can be summed up in one sentence -- Pikachu saves a whole forest full of Pokemon from a storm. That's great -- if you like Pikachu, and if you actually like watching a gazillion different Pokemon do their thing (which consists mostly of trying their darnedest to be cute). The art and animation are okay, and not unlike the TV series, only touched up by a bit of computer imagery. It's not a bad movie overall, but it's also about as exciting as going to bed early. The TV series is more fun and entertaining any day.
At least it's wholesome enough for kids to enjoy.

Pokemon: The Movie 2000
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Review Title:
Pokemon: The Movie 2000
Alternative Titles:
Pocket Monsters: Maboroshi no Pokemon Lugia Bakutan
80 Minutes
General Rating:
2.5 out of 5 stars
Suitable For:
Adventure, Comedy, Shounen
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