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Reviewer: Rowena Lim Lei 08/08/1999

Tokyo 2045: A mysterious superhuman appears - identity: Moldiver. One day, Mirai Ozora discovers the true identity of this strange superhero. Moldiver is her older brother Hiroshi, who is also the inventor of a device called the Mol Unit. The Mol Unit imparts absolute infinite power, making the user extremely strong, fast, and virtually invincible. Being the young, impulsive girl that she is, Mirai starts using the Mol Unit for her convenience... flying over to that concert in Florida, catching up with her dream guy... but soon, Mirai becomes Moldiver to help out those in trouble too! When the twisted Dr. Machinegal targets Moldiver as part of his evil schemes, the real challenge begins. Can Moldiver save the day? Or more importantly, will Mirai ever get to date Misaki?
Moldiver is a good blend of sci-fi, action, comedy, and shoujo. The funny parts mostly pertain to the the Mol Unit. When Mirai tampers with the Mol Unit's programming, the transformation results become unpredictable. Sometimes Hiroshi gets turned into a female-type superhero with a man's voice... at times Mirai becomes a male-type Moldiver.
I find the whole concept of the Mol Unit fascinating and refreshingly original. The plot also gets a dose of romance from Mirai's ongoing pursuit of Misaki. There is definitely a lot of action - chases, physical fights, and explosions... the works! Moldiver also uses scientific jargon to explain things, so one could get lost in the terminologies.
The art and animation are quite good in quality, but borders a bit on the cutesy side. Moldiver sports quite a number of panty shots and weird shots of various parts of the female anatomy (mostly butts and legs). The English dubbing is quite good though. On a side note, everything does build up to a nice climax by the last episode. Moldiver isn't something that you can't afford to miss, but it is worth checking out.
Some of Dr. Machinegal's Superdolls are patterned after Hollywood actresses like Elizabeth Taylor, Vivien Leigh, and Brooke Shields. These girls share the likenesses and first names of their showbiz counterparts. The DVD release contains all the episodes.

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Review Title:
180 Minutes
General Rating:
3.5 out of 5 stars
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Adventure, Comedy, Magic,
Mecha, Romance, Sci-Fi
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