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Miyuki-chan In Wonderland
Reviewer: Rowena Lim Lei 12/31/1999

One bright and beautiful day, Miyuki sees a pretty girl in a bunny suit speed by on a skateboard. The awestruck Miyuki falls into a gaping hole and finds herself in a strange yet lush land full of beautiful ladies, most of who are somehow attracted to her!
As the title suggests, Miyuki-chan in Wonderland is Clamp's take on Lewis Carrol's classic tale Alice in Wonderland. It is composed of two parts: Miyuki-chan in Wonderland and Miyuki-chan in Mirrorland, both of which follow Miyuki's (mis)adventures in well... Wonderland.
In the first part, Miyuki-chan in Wonderland, Miyuki is transported to Wonderland via a hole in the ground. There she meets a wide variety of characters, among them To Li and Cho Li (methinks they are the equivalent of Tweedledum and Tweedledee), gorgeous twin sisters who are skilled martial artists to boot; the sexy Mad Hatter and her tea party-mates; the equally seductive Cheshire cat; the SM Queen (think Queen of Hearts) and her floral entourage. Miyuki has brief encounters with everyone she meets, and somehow she always ends up running away from their advances.
The second part, Miyuki-chan in Mirrorland, is just like the first part -- the main difference being instead of falling into a hole, Miyuki is pulled into her vanity table's mirror by her own reflection. Thus, Miyuki finds herself in Mirrorland, where she once again encounters a wide array of lovely female characters who seem attracted to her. This time, Miyuki meets some flower fairies (at least that's what I think they are) and Humpty Dumpty -- who doesn't look anything like a fat egghead but a regal goddess sitting on what looks like a giant eggshell. Miyuki eventually finds herself in a strip chess game where the loser takes off all her clothes, but the problem is, Miyuki is fighting her own reflection!
The art and animation are consistently superb. Exquisite character designs seem to be the main focus of Miyuki-chan in Wonderland above all else. Even the end credits showcase Clamp's enchanting illustrations. There is also some slight nudity and lesbian themes, but the most you'll see is girls groping other girls and nothing beyond that. Japanese seiyuus of note include Kikuko Inoue (also Belldandy in "Oh My Goddess") as the SM Queen, Megumi Ogata (also Shinji Ikari in "Neon Genesis Evangelion") as To Li, Yumi Touma (also Deedlit in "Record of Lodoss War OAV") as Cho Li, and Ai Orikasa (also Ryoko in "Tenchi Muyo") as Cheshire cat.
Miyuki-chan in Wonderland is an amusing little feast for the eyes, but that's about it. There really isn't much in terms of plot, characterization, or anything else for that matter... except gorgeous girls.
The DVD cover erroneously lists an English track, but in actuality, there's only the Japanese language version with English subtitles.

Miyuki-chan In Wonderland
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Review Title:
Miyuki-chan In Wonderland
Alternative Titles:
Fushigi no Kuni no Miyuki-chan
30 Minutes
General Rating:
3.5 out of 5 stars
Suitable For:
Young Adults
Comedy, Ecchi, Fantasy
Angelic Layer
1. Angelic Layer
2. Queen Emeraldas
4. Now and Then, Here and There
5. The Adventures of Mini-Goddess