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Melty Lancer
Reviewer: Rowena Lim Lei 06/29/2003

Meltylancer is a Galaxy Police Organization (GPO) unit comprised of six cute girls, all of which who have their own special skills and talents. A year has passed since the unit's disbandment, but a new threat leaves the GPO no choice but to recall all the members. With a new commander and a new aide, Meltylancer is deployed once again.
Meltylancer is a six-episode OAV series based on a Playstation game of the same title. Since I have no experience with the game whatsoever, I'm reviewing this anime exclusively on its own merits. I was very much entranced when I saw Meltylancer's DVD covers and opening sequence because the characters looked so beautiful.
Meltylancer's main problem is that it tries to achieve too much too soon. As a result, storytelling is sketchy and erratic. One minute the aide is busy trying to locate the unit members, after a few scenes everybody's all together without any explanation. In one episode Meltylancer comically faces off with their embittered rivals, the Vanessars. In the next episode they are suddenly up against their commander's former colleagues, the Defiants, and find themselves the midst of a greater mystery concerning an entity known only as Iyonesco. Too many characters, events, and subplots emerge that it becomes difficult to stay focused. Jump here, jump there, jump everywhere -- that is how the series unfolds. Admittedly there were some funny and interesting moments; unfortunately they were not enough to salvage the series as a whole. I was reminded of how "Real Bout High School" fell apart during its second half. Incidentally, Meltylancer is from Studio Gonzo as well.
If there's one thing that's great about Meltylancer it's the near perfect visuals. Gorgeous character designs, detailed backdrops, and slick CGs all come together seamlessly. Did I mention the exceptionally choreographed action scenes? Eye candy is good, but it's just not enough reason to justify picking up a series. I wanted to like Meltylancer, I really did... but unless you're content with getting an eyeful of pretty girls in action and a few fan service shots here and there, I suggest you save up for something more worthwhile.
Meltylancer is comprised of two DVD volumes containing three episodes each.

Melty Lancer
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Melty Lancer
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180 Minutes
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2 out of 5 stars
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Older Children
Adventure, Comedy, Sci-Fi,
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