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Master of Mosquiton
Reviewer: Rowena Lim Lei 05/16/2002

Inaho is a feisty 17-year old girl who's in love with the vampire Mosquiton. She wants to stay young and beautiful forever without having to become a vampire, and the only way to do that is to acquire a mystical object known as the O-Part. The O-Part supposedly has the power to grant a person immortality, and Inaho is prepared to go to any lengths to get it. But Count Sangremaine, Mosquiton's nemesis from way back, is after the O-Part as well. To top it off, Mosquiton's estranged wife from 300 years ago has returned to claim what's rightfully hers...
I had my first taste of Mosquiton some two or three years ago on local TV. The title was Master of Mosquiton '99, and it was Filipino dubbed for Philippine audiences. Unfortunately, Master of Mosquiton '99's schedule did not exactly coincide with my free time, and so I just saw a few parts of a few episodes. That was the Master of Mosquiton TV series. What I'll be reviewing now are the OAVs.
Spanning six episodes, the Master of Mosquiton OAV series is all about Inaho's quest for the O-Part. After a brief introductory scene showing Inaho's discovery and resurrection of the vampire Mosquiton, we are transported to the present time. A mysterious pyramid has suddenly appeared in the middle of London, and Inaho is certain that the elusive O-Part is somewhere inside it. Thus it's off to the pyramid for Inaho and Mosquiton (along with his loyal servants Yuki and Honou).
Of course, getting the O-Part is no simple task. Powerful guardians and dangerous traps are protecting it, and Inaho isn't the only one who wants it. Things get more complicated with the appearance of Mosquiton's former lover Camille, who has plans of her own as far as Mosquiton is concerned. Inaho isn't one to be daunted so easily however, for she's determined to have Mosquiton and the O-Part for herself. What ensues thereafter is one funny, action-packed, mystical, and somewhat romantic adventure -- complete with fan service (think boobs and legs). I particularly enjoyed Inaho and Camille's repartees, Yuki and Honou's efforts at teamwork, and Mosquiton's encounters with Count Sangremaine. I couldn't stop watching once I started, and I finished all the eps in one sitting.
The art and animation are of excellent quality. The character designs are distinctive and effective. Mosquiton looks almost cuddly when he is his normal self, and frightening when his full vampiric powers become manifest. Inaho comes across as a self-centered and childish heroine who goes into a Lara Croft-esque Tomb Raider mode when hunting for the O-Part. Camille is Master of Mosquiton's resident vixen, constantly bragging about her sexual expertise and breast size to Inaho. Mosquiton's loyal servants Honou and Yuki are quite literally fire and ice. They appear as children, but transform into full-grown adults when using their powers. Count Sangremaine is as creepy as undead villains get. One of my favorite male seiyuus, Takehito Koyasu (also Hotohori in "Fushigi Yuugi", and Aya in "Weiß Kreuz"), is the voice of Mosquiton to boot. I can't comment on the English dubbing because I watched the subtitled version.
Master of Mosquiton is a vampire anime that's nice and light. If you want a break from the heavier stuff like "Blood: The Last Vampire", or simply want to enjoy yourself, it's a good choice.
I can only wonder why there isn't a DVD release of this OAV series yet.

Master of Mosquiton
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Review Title:
Master of Mosquiton
150 Minutes
General Rating:
4.5 out of 5 stars
Suitable For:
Action, Adventure, Comedy,
Supernatural, Vampires
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