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Reviewer: Rowena Lim Lei 06/24/2000

Like the title suggests, Marriage is a two-episode OAV that takes a look at, um... tying the knot. It is based on a Japanese dating-simulation RPG. The first episode focuses on a quiet and reserved girl named Shizuka. Shizuka seems to have no interest in love relationships, which has her friends pretty worried. To help her out, they register Shizuka at a local dating service. The problem is, the man she's fixed up with isn't her type. Will Shizuka end up an old maid? The second episode is about Kiyomi. Kiyomi has four sisters, all of which are engaged one way or another. When Kiyomi's co-worker Mikimaro asks her out on a date, all her sisters very excited. They convince Mikimaro to propose to Kiyomi, but things are just easier said than done.
Marriage is a different kind of anime. It's not plot-oriented (as you've probably read from the synopsis) nor character-oriented. As a whole, it's really all about getting married. It struck me as more of a cultural thing. In between episodes, cute super-deformed versions of the characters would pop out and present us with interesting facts and statistics about marriage in Japan. We see lots of amusing dating gimmicks and services (the Japanese people are really into techy stuff even when it comes to dating). There are a lot of stats like average marrying ages, most popular proposal places, gifts, and what men and women actually look for in their life partners.
Watching Marriage was an interesting experience for me, because it provided me with good insights into the Japanese society. The art and animation are excellent. The characters all look very good, and the way the facts and stats were presented was very creative and not at all boring. I liked the presentation parts better than the episodes themselves, actually. The eps don't really pose much excitement, as they are generally about a group of women who are worried about one of them becoming a spinster. They are very predictable to boot. There are some tender moments, but as a whole, it's not the kind of anime that'll take your breath away. Consider it if you're interested in marriage, or in Japanese culture and society, but if not, don't bother.
I wonder what guys would think of this anime?

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Kekkon ~Marriage~
27 Minutes
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2.5 out of 5 stars
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Romance, Slice of Life
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